thread: Anyone with TeenRagers ??

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    Anyone with TeenRagers ??

    Hiya girls.

    I know there is a few of you that fit into this category as well. What are your raging hormonal teenagers of your up to lately, how did they do at school last year ?? are they about to go for their license ?? Give us the goss on them teenage years !!


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    Jackie Guest

    Guess I'll get the ball rolling..

    My daughter is 14, 15 in May just started the dreaded AF, she is not impressed, I've told her she should count herself lucky it waited this long, all her friends have had it since they were 12-13.
    Other than that she is eyeing the boys, nothing serious yet, but definit interest. this is so scary, I'm dreading the day when she tells me she has a boyfriend..

    She is doing pretty well at school, last year wasn't as good as the previous years, but then I guess with hormones etc. that's to be expected....

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    Hi Jackie

    Great to hear from you !! Your daughter definitely is lucky with getting AF so late !! I was 11 when mine arrived. Still remember that goddamn awful day too LOL.

    What year will she be in at school this year ?? I remember I did really well in year 8 and after that it went downhill 8-[ decided school was for socialising and getting boyfriends lol.


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    Jackie Guest

    She'll be in year 9 this year, she's says that this year she is going to work extra hard, because she wants to get a decent job etc. I hope she means it, or rather sticks to it. We all have good intentions that get lost on the way #-o

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    BellyBelly Member

    Apr 2004
    Outer East, Melbourne

    Hi - my sister is a teen-rager, just turned 18 - does that count ? She finished her VCE last year - she went to Box Hill high school and could have completed schooling in five years, but decided the do her VCE over three years instead of two !

    She went through a few life changing events in the last six years and was pretty pleased with her results. She will find out on Wednesday if she's going to live and study in Wagga Wagga for the next few years with her boyfriend.

    Someone was telling me the other day about a friends' daugher whose periods started at 9 years old. And you know how people say its all the hormones in the food (esp chicken) these days ? I read an thing in the Age recently that said that that was not true - i dont know what to believe !


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    Jackie Guest

    I've put my daughters late start down to her being very thin, she only weighs about 41 kg, eats heaps, but is very active. I've noticed that her friends were all around the 40-45kg mark when they had their first period.
    Then again weight may mean nothing and she is just a late bloomer

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    Senior Moderator

    Nov 2004

    Af arrived for me when I was nine. Lucky me. But I was 150cms tall and stocky build.

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    Hey Jackie. I was probably around the same weight as your daughter when I got mine, but I wasn't the active type, just had a wonderful metabolisim


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    Jackie Guest

    Yeah, my daughter as that as well, I'm super jealous of her 8-[