thread: ARRRRGGGHHHH @ taking medicine

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    Jun 2003

    ARRRRGGGHHHH @ taking medicine

    Jack is driving me insane!!!!!!!

    We have to have a course of antibiotics for his ears and then go back to the doctors to see if we have to go back to the ENT. He has had huge ear problems resulting in many sets of grommets and countless courses of antibiotics.

    Here are the things I have tried so far ...

    Disguising it ... putting it in strawberry Quick ... he can still taste it
    Making him take it ... he spat it back at me
    Forcing it down his throat ... he hit his head trying to get away
    Bribery ... he decided he didn't want chocolate anyway
    Removal of enjoyment ... told him to take it or no Foxtel ... he hid the remote and then played in his room
    Explanation ... Told him if he didn't have the medicine he would have to go back to hospital again and get more grommets ... he said okay
    Threats ... If you don't take this medicine then you won't be able to see Scooby Doo 2 tonight and Emma & Ryan can go ... cries harder and upsets Mum because she wants to go LOL

    I am at my wits end ... I am going to buy a syringe today and sit on him (hopefully I won't kill him in the process) and make him take it. We won't be going to the movies tonight, just Emma & Ryan and see if I follow through with the threat if he changes his mind. There will be no treats today when we go to the shops and then if this fails I am giving up and he can go back to hospital and have more bloody grommets!!!!!

    I even told him that he was a baby and that his cousin Riley (who is nearly 3) was a big boy about taking his medicine!!! He just doesnt care ... he doesnt like it and wont bloody take it ... I wouldn't mind but he is almost 6!!!!!!!!! I have been in tears about this and I don't need it ... God help me when the baby has arrived and I have to get him to take medicine ... all I need is for him to start crying, screaming and carrying on and then upsetting the baby etc ... *SIGH*

    Ok thanks for letting me rant and rave and if you have any other suggestions please let me know ... I did think about taking him back to the doctor and getting a penicllian shot instead of taking the antibiotics but I dont know if they will do that.


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    Nov 2003

    hey kelly,
    sorry i cant help much as joshua was an excellent medicine taker, he always wanted more of the stuff..
    maybe taking him back the the doctors would be a good idea, and the not going to the cinema to let him know that u are serious about it..
    thats gunna be hard though specially as you want to see it
    kids are very head strong arent they, when they want or dont want something they dont make it easy to convinve them otherwise.

    so well the only thing i can suggest is taking him back to the docs and then maybe he'll see that he needs to take it..

    sorry im not much help, youve done everything id do if i was in that situation..hope someone else has better advice for you


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    Melinda Guest

    Sorry Kelly, but as I'm a Mum-to-be I really don't have any advice to offer you - I hope someone else will be able to offer you a possible solution. I can only think that discussing this issue with your GP is the best thing and see if he/she has any suggestions??

    Sorry I haven't been able to help.

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    Jun 2003

    Thanks girls ... I am feeling a bit better.

    I tried making him a milo milkshake and put it in but he can still taste it!!!

    I am going to try one last thing .. that is buying a syringe and squirting it right down his throat ... see if that works.

    Other than that it will be a trip to the Docs on Monday!!!


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    Feb 2004

    Maybe you could put it in his dinner and not feed him anything else till he eats it? Maybe if he has a favourite grandparent and they tell him to take it? I always did what I was told, and the grandkids would do anything for their oma and opa. I haven't got kids of my own yet, so I can't help except from an aunt's point of view.

    The only device Mum ever used on me to get me to do things I didn't want to was guilt trips. They were very effective, even once I was over 15 and knew wha she was doing, it still worked, just made me feel resentful. So it's not the best idea for long term, and I don't know how old I was when she started, but that might work. Emotional blackmail is probably slightly better than sitting on him.

    I know what I said isn't going to be popular, especially as I didn't think it was all that great when it was used on me, but if you really are at your wits end, and explaining things to him like he was an adult doesn't work, maybe it's worth a shot.

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    OMG sounds just like what I am going thru with our dog atm. Who we have to wrestle to the ground to get her antibiodicts into her. She has ear troubles too.

    Goodluck Kelly !!

    Love :smt049

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    Feb 2004

    Sometimes there isn't a big difference between a young child and a puppy (of any age, all dogs are puppies to me) LOL

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    Nov 2003

    Does he have to have it all at once? You could try disguising smaller amounts of it throughout the day - maybe he won't taste it that way?? Sorry if that wasn't very helpful LOL. I haven't had to deal with that yet!!