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Thread: Best learning materials for kids

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    Default Best learning materials for kids

    What is your idea for the best learning materials for kids at home? Books, movies, or children's bible stories? Can you give some title

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    hi.... chn learn more from hearing, looking at stories more than anything else. I work in a school where many of our kids come to school without ever seeing a book. It really shows. They learn so much about language, the way books work.. like which page comes first etc, the way the world works.... the list is endless. And on top of that they just love it. If you read constantly to your chn , they will find learning to read a lot easier. I started at 3 months with both of mine and they are still avid readers at 18 and 14

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    I was going to say books... then music.

    I have read to my DD every day since she was born. She loves story time.

    I also sing repeatative songs with her that have actions.... like "This is the way we wash our face (etc)"... she actually does the motions in the bath now and she is only 1... it helps heaps me too, might I add...

    Reading, repeatition, and read anything. My daughter likes books like the Hairy Macleary range or anything that has a grandad in it. She is obsessive about her Grandad. Also books like The Very Hungry Caterpillar are brilliant because they include science (life cylce of a butterfly), types of food, counting, and can be interactive.

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