thread: Does this sound wierd to anybody else??

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    Jackie Guest

    Does this sound wierd to anybody else??

    My 15 yo daughter came home from school today, to tell us that they had to make a penis in health..

    I was kind of like huh??!!

    They had to use a pipe and playdo to construct it and had to make all the bits that go with it to.

    DD was quite embarrased by the whole thing, the boys were of course making jokes and making huge penises, as well as saying things like "do you want to give me head", I guess this was to be expected, well the making of huge ones, not the comments. which got no response from the teacher!!

    I think the whole thing is just a bit strange...

    One of the girls said she wasn't making one and got into trouble from the teacher wtf??

    Next lesson they are making vaginas....

    So like the title says, does anyone else think this is a strange thing for them to be asked to do??

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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
    Funky Town, Vic

    Yeah I think its a little bit weird too. Maybe its some new, improved way of teaching about sex??
    I don't get it, but you would think the least they could do would be separate the girls from the boys with something this um...delicate?

    OMG, I'm jsut thinking back to how I would feel if they did heath/sex ed like that way back when......Geez when you think about it like that I really can't see the point. You don't want to gross them about tooooo much.

    You could always excuse her from the class if its all a bit "hands-on"! I would.

    EEWWW, the more I type the weirder it seems!!!!

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    Jul 2004

    I agree, that is very strange. Never heard of it being done before. You can write a letter to the school saying you don't want her doing it and to be excused from the class, like lulu said. They cannot go against that. I really don't see the point either. I mean most 15 year olds would know about this kinda stuff anyways from friends etc.

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    Jackie Guest

    I'm thinking of going to the school and talking to the principal.

    At the very least I would have expected to be notified before this was done. I may have certain beliefs etc that may not include her making penises.

    They had sex ed last year and the year before(they certainly will be well educated). I don't mind the sex ed, it's just the way that this took place.

    If they want them to know how sex organs look, make an illustration or something.

    DH says, we have enough trouble with teenage sex as it is, without giving the kids a hands on learning experience on how to handle the objects in question. He says it could be expanded a bit further, girls on the left side of the bed, boys on the right side, take your partners....

    This reminds me of a Monty Python move

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    Oct 2004
    melton, victoria

    yep totally inapropriate.
    i would be marching in to see the principle aswell.

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    Feb 2004

    Gosh, when I did sex ed, we got to cut and paste a diagram of a woman's menstrual cycle (guess that info would be handy for all the ttc' lol) and label pictures of the sex organs with what each bit was called.

    Mind you, one class, when studying contraceptives (something that is needed in sex ed classes, even I had sex by then), got to put a condom on a banana. Or a carrot. (Guess they ran out of bananas). There was quite a stir when one girl ate the carrot for lunch though lol.

    I admit that does sound a little weird. And being a parent now, I'd like to be informed about when and what my child was going to be learning about sex. But my parents were never informed, and the class wasn't even called sex ed, it was personal development. Bit suss I think.

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    Oct 2004
    Outer Eastern Subs - Melb

    I remember putting condoms on... something - guess my memory isn't that good - during sex ed when I was at high school, probably year 8. But I think you're right about making models of penises and vaginas. That's a little too strange for my likings.

    And not acceptable for the teacher not to bring the boys in line. If they had to make the models, fine but to make them realistically sized. As for the comments....



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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
    Funky Town, Vic

    Not only the weirdness, but why on earth did the teacher permit that sort of comments to be said.?? Teaching the girls it's O.K to be spoken to like that???? and don't let them give you that boys-will be boys crap.

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    Jackie Guest

    What a relief that I'm not the only one who feels this was wrong. I thought for a minute that I might be to old fashioned or something..


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    Aug 2003

    hey jackie,
    Can i ask how old your daughter is? I know i wouldnt want my daughter being made to do things like that if she wasnt comfortable with it. Sure sex ed is important growing up, but making a penis?? Thats a little extreme. I thought that if kids were uncomfortable in classes like sex ed they couldnt be forced to participate in the activity. I agree with the others, talk to the teacher or principal.

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    Jackie Guest

    Dee - DD is 15 in May, as far is DD is concerned she in her 15th year which makes her 15

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    I think I would want to be informed if my kids where to do something like that as well. I think that is one of those letter where written consent from parents should be in order. i too would be ringing the principal today.

    All we ever did in sex it was see how a tampon swelled up in a glass of water and watched a few videos one of a lady giving birth.


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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    JAckie I too think its a bit suss & would want to be informed as a parent on that sort of thing beforehand.... Good luck!

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    Jackie Guest

    Well. I just got back from the school, the principal wasn't there, so i spoke to the co-ordinator, she was quite shocked when I told her. The way I said it, was meant to shock. She asked me what the problem was, I said well, my daughter had to make a penis in health yesterday....

    Anyway, she is going to talk to the teacher to see what the deal is, and will be asking him to send letters of consent if he ever wants to do such a class again.

    She sat there taking notes of what I said, towards the end her comment was, it feels bad just having to write this down,let alone having to do it.
    But of course she had to through the comment in, that there would be a good reason for it. I just said without prior notification, there is no reason good enough.

    It all went very well though, she will let me know what the teacher has to say, and I guess we'll go from there.

    I spoke to a few other parents last night, and they were all just as shocked as I was, which I told her as well.

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Jackie, ask her to bring the piece home to see if she has real expectations or if she is gonna be disappointed in the future!!!

    sorry, I was just making a joke...

    I don't agree with the class at all & more so the comments from the boys!
    I sometimes wonder if that's how the Fathers talk to the Mothers in those families!?

    Also I don't get the families brought up with boys being 'encouraged to sew their wild oats' & the daughters to be little virgins forever!!!

    I bet the boys would have no idea how to make a vagina, there will be some nasty comments that day as well i guess!

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    Chi-Chi Guest

    Wrong wrong wrong. This is the height of 'wrong-ness'.
    Seriously. I would have been up at the school in a blink. I don't understand the point of the exercise & why a diagram wouldn't suffice (if they are actually studying anatomy?!). With a class of 15 yr olds, you're asking for trouble. And nothing could excuse the boys comments AND the teachers silence. WTF?
    I'd be demanding an explanation from the teacher. I find it so inappropriate, its incomprehensable. If something similar happened in the work-place you could sue for sexual harrassment. This is hugely confronting & embarrassing for young girls, if it was my DD I'd be horrified.
    Where was the parents consent in this, surely a teaching method (yeah, right) so unorthodox, would have be pre-empted by a letter home to the parents informing what was to happen (& why) & requesting parental permission?
    Not acceptable. :soapbox:

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    Nov 2004
    Chasing Daylight...

    =D> =D> =D>

    Here, here Chi-Chi. I totally agree. It was a dumb idea on the teacher's behalf to start with (surely there are more appropriate ways of teaching anatomy to teenagers) and she made it even worse by not responding to the boy's comments.

    I wonder if other parents know what's been going on?

    Definately worth following up with the teacher, if not the principal.

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    Aug 2004

    nothing wrong with sexual education if permission is given, but i dont see what the point of the exercese was. it didnt seem like it taught them a single thing, and it is just asking for the kids to be immature.

    you were right to ask the question.

    will she be making the vagina? i can understand you not wanting her to, but she might get teased a lot if she was singled out and the only one not doing it, i can imagine some of the boys comments - they can be little pigs!!