thread: Is it just a boy thing?

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    lilyd Guest

    Is it just a boy thing?

    Hi everyone,
    I am having trouble with my 9 year old son. He is a caring,loving boy but just cannot follow instructions and seems vey immature for his age compared to his friends (I know you shouldn't compare). Eg: whilst playing a league game he will start talking to himself in the middle of the game LOL. You ask him to pick up 3 things and 1 is picked up. He just seems to be in another world. Sometimes he seems to be on another planet (and I say that lovingly). He cannot follow a simple train of thought for longer than a minute. Is it a boy thing, a kid thing, will he grow out of it?

    His teacher said his concentration is out the window although he is doing well at school and is reasonably intelligent and isn't falling behind in his grades or anything. I just find him sooo frustrating ](*,)

    Any advice/support would be appreciated.



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    Maybe its just a stage? I often find with my little brother (who is now 12, but im thinking of the last few years).. sometimes he'd be so vague or whatever... but its just because they are so involved with thinking about something else.. theyre imaginations and thought patterns can be so amazing and complex!

    I guess if his grades and stuff arent affected, maybe dont worry about it too much.. You could try talking to him, in case hes thinking about something he thinks is bad... just let him know youre there.. but hes probably just normal..


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    lilyd Guest

    Thanks K,

    I have just come back from DS's school where they had a Mothers Day thing. I spoke to his teacher again and she said he has been working really hard and is doing great and is well mannered (which he is at home), her words were " I am glad he is like that at home and not at school") I guess at least that is good to know!

    It might be just a stage, although he has been pretty vague since birth, again I say this lovingly.

    Notice you are from Bunbury, I am from Esperance.

    Thanks for your reply.


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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

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    I have been reading "Raising Boys" by Steve Biddulph, it's really good, cos it explains why they do things like this. It's nice to know they're completely normal.

    Really recommend this one.

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    Just letting you know that it isn't just a boy thing. My DD is the same and always has been. Not really sure what you can do about it tho, I'm still battling. But what I try to do is get her to do what she has been asked without delay and I have to keep at her. Also with her homework I have found she works best when she sits in her room and listens to music with no-one with her.

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    "Raising Boys" IS a great reference, I agree Lulu2.

    My nephew sounds very similar regarding vagueness but unfortunately he's having problems getting along with his peers because of this. Also the son of our friends has a little boy who is extremely vague (rarely makes eye contact and will just repeat his needs until they are met, rarely laughs or is animated) he has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. A trademark of this is high intelligence in at least one field, an inability to engage well with others and extreme vagueness. It is more common with boys. I find it fascinating but can imagine how hard it would be to deal with.

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    Just noticed this thread!!

    Defintately not a boy thing. I was just like this when I was youger - so much that my aunt used to call me a walking blackout LOL! Mum asked me once to go downstairs and get peas out of the freezer, off I went down the stairs only to turn round & have to ask what I was supposed to be getting!