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    Little Girls!

    Im Meg and I have a 6 3/4 year old daughter Matilda. She is beautiful, loads of fun and a constant delight with the things she says, BUT... she's in year 1 this year and just seems to be growing into a little miss. I do believe most little girls are quite like this, as it's not unbearable, she just seems to have developed an "attitude" and it's really hard work.
    What im wondering is if anyone else has children around this age and if they have any ideas for keeping the peace. I don't like her watching TV, so afternoons after school are the hardest as I have to keep her entertained. She's happy to play for a while on her own, but we're in a unit and I can't let her out without me going downstairs to supervise. I can only do the park for so long, and Im just wanting some ideas. Most arvo's we have something on, but even then, it's the time after.
    We do homework, reading, bath etc.
    Any ideas or even just knowing others are in a similar sitch would be great!!!

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    hi ds is the same age and is doing prep again this year,he also is beginning to grow up and have a little attitude,which i dont mind as it is going to hap[pen wether we like it or not,but i will suggest you get her involved in some kind of sports,something that she gets to chose and is her special day each week to attend with you.girls have alot of opptions.
    gymnastics,netball,dancing,basketball,karate,tenni s,the list goes is not only good for her physically,but will help her to make new friends,,gain alot of self esteem and enjoyment,plus she will really enjoy watching the proud look on your face as you sit on the side lines and 2 boys have me running them around to sport 4 days a week,it gives them little or no time to get bored or up to mischeif.

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    My DD is in grade 1 & turns 7 in November!

    She has started trying the boundaries & will answer back. But as we both work F/T. she get's picked up by my Mum or Dad & spends the afternoon riding her bike up & down our drive way as we live in a house & my parents live in a unit on the same block. She also plays some X-Box & challenges my Dad at different games!
    She writes stories & letters to friends, family & Totally Wild!
    When we get ome we take dog for walk, cook dinner, do reader again (she loves reading) then eat dinner she has a bath & at 7pm goes to bed!
    On W/ends we play Shrek Monopoly & Mastermind (her 2 favourite games at the moment) over & over again!!!

    Good Luck, I knopw it can be hard to keep them busy... I get art activities to do from shops as well like The warehouse making faethger maskjs etc... for a few $$'s it keeps her busy!!!

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    My DS Isaac is in grade 2 and will be 7 in October. He is pretty easy to entertain, being an only child for so long I guess he had to learn! I totally agree about the art supplies, Isaac loves those cheap wooden dinosaurs that you get at the markets and have to assemble yourself, and they keep him busy for ages. Also, I put things (plastic dinosaurs etc)in a plaster 'rock' and he uses his archeologist tools to dig out his find, messy but fun. We like to cook togetehr, he helps make dinner and on weekends we make biscuits or little quiches or something, which is fun. When all else fails, he loves his xbox and computer, but I try keep that to a minimum. My DH at the moment has decided he can have his own computer, but only if he puts it together himself to prove he can look after it. Obviously DH helps, but Isaac really enjoys it, and he is learning something too.

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    My dd Olivia is 6, turning 7 in November but I will have to admit she is sooo easy to entertain. Being the youngest of three girls she always has her sisters to play with but on days where the older two are busy or with friends, she is happy to read her books, colour in, and do craft activities. Give her a pair of scissors, paste and some paper and shes in heaven! Sticky tape is always a big hit too. Outside activities..Livvy loves playing on the trampoline, skipping with a skipping rope and using a hula hoop. Oh one of those totem tennis games is great too for kids of all ages...great for hand eye coordination and keeps them entertained for ages!


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    You are not alone!

    My 6yo who turns 7 in July has adopted the "Bratz" attitude and american accent along with the dolls she received for christmas and now everything is "popular" and "funky" and my outfits are assessed each morning as to their cool factor. Lucky I've passed so far

    Along with the attitude comes the non-stop talking about nothing.

    If she addresses me with attitude I just Otherwise I ignore the bad and respond to the good. IMO it is her playing a role in her mind that I can either encourage or discourage. To discourage :

    1) I try to channel her into constructive discussions about what she thinks about something or what was her favourite thing that happened that day or least favourite which seems to snap her out of the "attitude game" as I call it.

    2) Or I state that I can't hear her when she speaks in that tone and if it is important it is repeated.

    Unfortunately in public some people find DD antics amusing and some precocious - but as per the challenges of children I've long given up on trying to please the public and am just trying to please my eardrums and get my little darling back.

    I just think our little kids are growing up fast - how scarey.

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    My twin daughters are 6 ( going on 16) and in grade 1, I let them have afternoon tea in front of the tv, ( usually 1/2 hr) then tv off, on nice days we they go outside (trampoline, swings hula hoops, cubby house) BUT we also have activites, wednesday Is little readers club at the public library, thursdays is swimming, saturday is ballet.

    They too are into bratz and barbie, and do a lot of playing with the dolls, and the loooove craft sets, if not cooking is another great activity, rum balls etc, play dough is still a favourite.

    Makeup and hair things, ( either to me or each other) Now I know I have it a bit easier, coz they have each other to play with, but yes their attitude stinks a lot of the time, ( Mrs D ) says ....... Mum you shouldnt...... Dont tell me what to do.....

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    Thanks for all that!!
    She does tennis and jazz, so we're out some afternoons. I think it's just living in a unit that gets to me. Also me being pregnant now, Im not so patient!! Growing up we always had a garden and I just loved being in it, I feel DD is missing out.
    She adores reading which is great, I put this down to reading to her from about 3 weeks. She can entertain herself and I think things may be settling, but those first 12 weeks of preg have been a killer!!
    thanks for all the advice.
    Oh and Bratz are ALL she wants for her b'day. She has about 7 and a few barbies. I don't mind them, but what is with the disconnecting FEET!!!!!!!!! Classic!!

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    have you tried a musical instrument?? She can practice after scool to keep her occupied for a little while.