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Thread: my house is boring

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    mooshie Guest

    Default my house is boring

    i am trying to encourage new friends to come around from my ds school to play anyway one of the children he knows very well (and has a complete opposite personality to my son) reckons it is boring at our house

    my ds plays with the neighbourhood kids all the time, either cricket, footy, bike riding or cops and robbers they are just outside the whole time, when my ds friend comes over he wants to play inside, but really apart from watching tv or playstation there really isn't much that interests him inside as a 5yr old - plenty of toys such as cars etc but i guess not much in the way of bigger boys stuff

    i think it just might be this child teasing my ds but i don't want my house to be boring lol - what are some great things for boys to do after school inside - the ages are around 5 and 6yrs old.

    i guess whilst we are on the topic what sort of toys are 6yr old boys into - even leggo etc seems to bore them

    all suggestions greatly welcome.

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    What an ungrateful little sod! I don't think it would matter what you did, they would find something they didn't like. Linsday has a huge collection of Thomas wooden railway and will play for hours with it, as will his lego, but he will also play outside in the dirt too.

    What about remote control cars or something or interactive board games? I don't like Lindsay having videos games either - I think there is plenty of time for that when he is a bit older. Can you make it fun to play cars? Like set up a racing track or obstacle course?

    Hope you find something

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    kath Guest


    Hey listen there is nothing boring about your place. Outside is where all kids should be there is not enough of it. I say the little fella just doesnt get enough of being outside when he is at home so maybe he feels uncomfortable at your home. There is more to life then computer games and tv and kids today are missing it all.

    love and hugs

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    Diesel Guest


    I have a 5yr old boy and a 6yo girl. I will not let them play X-Box unless it has been raining for a few days and they haven't been able to play outside. Inside my son has Lego, remote control cars, model cities (cities that you build - airport / firestation / etc), heaps of books, match box cars, dinosaurs. Just the normal boys toys. I haven't had a complaint yet about the house being boring, usually it is over-ran by kids.

    I don't thinkyour house sounds boring, sounds like this kids is just complaining

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    mooshie Guest


    thanks for the replies

    kath i totally agree with you, i love it that my son plays outside - today being wednesday and preps still have wednesday's off until end of april arhh :shock: he decided to occupy himself by making a "carnival" outside lol he then had a friend come over from down the street and they played footy, basketball, "carnival" rides and fly wheels - no mention of boredom there just heaps of laughing

    i think that this other little friend that we have known for ever is just trying to push my son's buttons - they really do have a love/hate relationship.

    ds has lego and bionicles etc, but i am a bit strict at how much i let him play with them cause his 19mth old sister is always on the "prowl" for interesting things to explore - bad enough that she can now pull the lid of the texta's and figured out how to get her hands all "pretty" lol.

    thanks again for your encouragement girls - i know my house isn't boring i just want it to be fun place to be especially as they get older, personally i would love my kids to bring their kids home and i know what they are up to rather than them being other places where i don't know what they are doing.

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