thread: Sleep issues with 7 year old

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    Sleep issues with 7 year old

    Im just wondering what other peoples kids sleep like. My daughter is 7 and mostly is a fantastic sleeper. Every night she is asleep by 8pm latest. And mostly she will sleep through, but once or twice a fortnight she wakes up in the middle of the night and comes and wakes me up because she is too scared to be in her room. Because I don't want her in our bed ( I can't sleep) I go and sleep on her mattress for an hour or two. It really really tires me out though and takes me days to recover.
    If I didn't go in there, she would sleep in our room . I don't see an alternative. We are trying a lamp as of tonight, that she can turn on if she wakes. Im just wondering though how others sleep.
    I know from talking and from when I was young, some kids come into their parents beds etc. Just hoping Im not alone, or that someone has some ideas!! xo

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    I hear you!!! Our daughters aged 9 and 6 do exactly the same thing....come running into our room complaining of a bad dream and being unable to go back to sleep etc so our solution was to put a mattress alongside our bed which has a pillow and doona on they come in and settle themselves ..and its so easy. Other than that they are fantastic sleepers..we just got tired of them wanting to jump into our bed when they had a bad dream.