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    Jun 2003

    A story to share...

    My SIL rang me the other night and she started telling me about her day and how my niece had come home from school (6) and told my SIL what had happened during the day amongst her and 2 other friends.

    They were playing a game and one of the little girls didn't want to keep playing but my niece and another girl did, so the little girl that didn't want to keep playing said that she would "stab herself tonight" when she got home if they didn't stop. The other little girl started to cry and got really upset and naturally it affected my niece. So my SIL being the responsible mother she is thought it would be a good idea to call this little girls mother to let them know what happened etc, and to see if everything is ok. Now the mother basically brushed it off and laughed and said her daughter wouldn't say something like that and secondly even if she did what did it matter. And then started to get annoyed with my SIL for even calling her about it :-k Now am I strange? Isn't this a bit full on for a 6 y.o. to be saying even if it is playground banter? I certainly would want to know if Paris had said something like this.

    I remember threats happening in the playground alot as a kid, but it usually entailed something along the lines of "You won't come to my party if you don't.." or "I'll be your best friend if you..." But never "I am going to stab myself if you don't..." :shock:


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    Feb 2004

    Cai that is really wierd cos I know of a similar story (sort of).

    I have a book of stories that my class wrote in Year 1, so about 6yo too. I read back through them not long ago & noticed one little boy had written in his "I slit my wrists". I lived across the road from them, his parents were friends with mine & we were friends and there was nothing in the family that would lead to him saying that. As in it wasn't something that had happened to anyone he knew IYKWIM. So it was just a really odd thing for him to write.

    IKWYM about the regular threats in the palyground, but yup I think that was very full on for a little girl to be saying...

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    May 2004

    My stepson has been coming out with stuff like that for years, I blame it all on too much tv and computer games and not enough running around outside. They seem to be far too grown up these days (geeze I'm showing my age) and they certainly know an awful lot more than what I did at that age!


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    I do think Tv does effect some kids more than others.

    I remember when I was teaching we had a girl from a fairly nasty b/ground (abused by father, mother dumped her on the aunty, alot of problems prior to coming to us). She was standing on the top of a retaining wal one day threatening to jump, the wall was only a little over a metre from the ground so she wouldn't have been hurt, but kids were coming to me on yard duty telling me that this child was going to jump and kill herself. This child really got off on drama.

    The other thing is some parents just don't want people to get involved in their lives, and will cover up things they don't want others to know. Maybe the child said what she did bc someone else in the family says it or has done it. Unfortunately alot of kids live in environments where this stuff really does happen.

    Sometimes I think we should think before we say stuff bc I know I have said to DH "I'm gonna kill you!" and the kids have said "are you really going to kill Dad?" Of course I don't mean it but kids don't understand sarcasm or dark humour.

    My guess is the parent felt she was being judged by your SIL, not that I think your SIL was doing this, but parents get very defensive sometimes.

    Cheers Michelle