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Thread: Suggestions on what to give for sneezing/hayfever

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    Default Suggestions on what to give for sneezing/hayfever

    Wondering if anyone has some ideas on what I can do for my DD for her sneezing/runny nose/hayfever? Usually of a morning when she wakes she is fine for about 10 mins, then the sneezing starts. In the middle of the night is the same, i think its the cooler weather doing it to her.

    I've tried Demazin and claratyne hayfever/allergy, but it doesn't help at all. the only thing that does help is Nurofen! I hate giving it to her soo much ( its almost becoming somewhat of a daily ritual)

    I've put eucalyptus on cotton balls under her bed of a night time, put the oil heater on in her room or put an extra blanket on instead of the heater.

    I've ordered some 'Telfast for kids' tablets, so will give them a go, and am also considering changing the cooling only air conditioner in her room to a reverse cycle with remote so we can enter what temp setting we want it to be on rather than the constant air flow she is getting from her current one.

    I'm going to start her on Vitamin C tablets again next week. I found this helpful last winter with her asthma.

    Any suggestions or experiences anyone?


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    I have really bad hayfever... I found that having a shower at night to sort of clear out all the pollen in the air around me & clear the sinus' helped. Also one of those up the nose sprays afterwards, like otravin or one developed for allergies. I used Azep for a while. I found the nasal sprays (which I hate) actually worked heaps better.

    Also all those immune foods that help boost, vitamen C, and B's are great for helping.

    Basically what you are doing

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    my son is very allergic to alot of grasses and suffers from the snots alot. his allergy doc suggested that he thoroughly washes his nose morning and night with wet cotton wool balls - just wash around the nostril area, also before going outside on a high pollen day or when he will be around lots of grass to try and put vaseline around the nostrils as this traps the pollen before it goes up the nose. maybe try a nasal spray my ds has that to but it is a steroid so i don't like giving it to him heaps.

    best of luck with snot city lol

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    Thanks Christy and Moosh! Will definately try out some type of nasal spray, don't think DD will be to fussed about it, but hey, if it works then its worth it .

    You're not wrong about snot city, Mooshie. Now it seems DD has got a bit of a cold and has passed it onto me. LOL!


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    Try Horseraddish and Garlic Vitamins, I take them everyday before work in the winter and spring... work a treat for me.

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