thread: testicles ????????

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    Oct 2004
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    testicles ????????

    well,things are never boring in the mckay house oldest son is the age of five we took him to the drs because we noticed that he had a lump in his scrotum.after an ultr sound it was found to be nothing more than fatty tissue.but they also found that his testicles had not descended.unknown to us (its not like we regularily feel our childrens scrotum.)any way they told us if nothing had changed in 6 months to go back.we didnt.he is nearly 10 now and low and behold it came to my attention that he still does not have any testicles in his sack.i took him to the dr today to be told he need an operation to have them brought down from way up near his stomach.he was very upset that the dr had to touch him there and now i have to explain to him that there will be more of this followed by an op.girls check your little boys.i should have dealt with this 5 years ago,and now because of my own ignorance the poor thing has to go through this embarrasment now that he is older,it would have been alot easier when he was younger and was not so conscious of his private parts.well at least we are doing it before he begins would have been even more dificult then i guess.i wonder if this is going to have any effect on him being able to have children i hope not.

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    Nicole. Hope he comes out of it unscathed alright. Shouldn't be a problem fertility wise later on in life, but make sure you ask the doctor when you see him next just to be sure.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Feb 2004

    The MCHN checks Brandon's every visit, and I keep an eye out when I change his nappy and dry him after the bath. The MCHN said that was the best time to check as he is nice and warm, and it's easier to tell if they are both descended.

    Hope your little boy is ok.

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    Nov 2003

    Nikki, I hope it all goes well with your son. :luck:

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    Nov 2003

    i hope everything goes well with the op, poor lil guy.

    Joshuas werent decending either, but then when i came back to aust with him and he had loads of nappy free time they ended up coming down by themselves.

    take care

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    Your poor little guy, as a mum to 3 boy's I have always keep an eye - or should I say half an eye on their "bits". I'm with Susan, the best time to check them is when they are warm, say when they are just getting out of the bath. Don't beat yourself up about it. I once checked my baby son's penis because he was sooking about it and pulled back his foreskin, which was rather tight, his penis became erect because the skin was so tight and I swear it went so purple I'm surprised it didn't fall off. The skin got stuck behind the head of his penis and because it was so swollen I couldn't get it back down. He was cying and so was I, dad end up coming around to fix it for me and him This was my 3rd boy, you'd think I would have learnt by then. Thank god he will never remember my torturing him

    Take care

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    Thanks for the tips but I'm pretty sure that the MCHN does a check at 6 and 18 months for this.

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    I know a guy who had the op in yr 12, poor thing bc as puberty had arrived long before and he wasn't working right, he didn't develop like the other boys, so although late better now than even later. The bloke I know went on to father children and get married etc, which was really great for him.

    Best wishes for your son.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Oh Dear, I am starting to panic about having a son & his bit's!!!!

    I have no idea how to look after these precious things.....

    I hope everything goes fine as it can for your DS!

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    My girlfriends 11 yr son had on op "down there" too, it may have been the same reason, anyway, the little fella was pretty embarrassed too, especially about the doctors fiddling his privates. The good thing that came out of it all was that when the op was over and things sorted, his mum said he really dealt with it well and seemd to gain a lot of confidence. Maybe because he was proud of himself for being brave, but it seemed to open a line of communication with her about these issues. Mums really happy about this as shes a single mum and unsure of this stuff too, but now more conficent he will come to her with worries - even of the more delicate nature.

    Some good could can come of this situation, don't beat yourself up too much, and thanks for the heads-up!