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    Jun 2003

    Thanks Kelly

    Well I am here ... I have 4 kids who fall in to this catergory. Two who live in this house and two who live with their Mum and I haven't even met yet (but will be meeting at Christmas).

    I swear the worst thing about my two is the fighting. I know it happens, it happened all the time between me and my brother but it is driving me to the brink!!! My Mum laughs and says it was the same for her and Ryan hates it and jumps in all the time (he is an ony child). My approach is for them to work it out, I won't always be there to help them sort things out (even though I will find out about it) but I figure at least with each other they are safe and we can work through it if it gets too much. Having said that ... I AM SICK OF IT

    Anyone else in the same boat?? I guess they all go through it but wouldn't it be nice if they could do it quietly!!!

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    No problems Kel! We've had lots of requests for forums for older kids so I caved in to popular demand! I will just avoid this forum as well as the teenagers one, and read the others with my rose coloured glasses until I am forced to take them off LOL!!! Enjoy!
    Kelly xx

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    Hi kelly, Im in your same boat, can we jump can we can we lol.

    My two fight like cats and dogs but then other days they are the best and get on so well, its so funny.
    Do you get the witching hour?
    Ours starts from 4:30 onwards till after dinner, my two are useless at dinner also, oh my god.
    Ill get onto dinner another day thats a whole different situtation.

    But yes can be very stressing times when they fight and fight and hurt each other.

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    Jun 2003

    OMG @ dinner ... are you sure you don't live in this house?

    Jack can't sit still and eats so quickly I am surprised he doesn't get indigestion and Emma eats so slowly that she complains her food is cold at the end and doesn't want to eat it. Then there is the kicking under the table and constant can I have a drink or the drink being spilt or knocked over!!!!!!!!!!

    Teeth brushing before bed is another bad one ... they fight over who is going first and then when the other one is in there they turn out the light and shut the door and then the other one yells.

    I am so looking forward to the holidays (only one more sleep wooooohooooo) I dont have to work (I am a teacher) and the kids are here until Wednesday next week and then they are off to their Dad's for the rest of the holidays! Don't get me wrong I will miss them but it will be lovely not to have to play referee for the holidays


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    Kids and Fighting

    Hi there to all you mums of many. I have 3 kids with one more on the way, and the oldest 2 are 13 and 10. They actually got along well when they were little (or is it my rosy coloured glasses and the passage of time???) however they are now absolutely revolting. They bait each other constantly, say nasty, nasty things to each other, and it's only because I've told my son that you never ever hit a female that he hasn't punched her lights out yet. I am sure I've given you all hope for the future, it really doesn't get any better! I always got along pretty well with my sister, the occasional fight, but we are really close and always have been. I find it difficult to cope with my kids' animosity. My ex-husband says they're really good at his place, so i don't know what I'm doing wrong, too soft on them probably.

    Yesterday, my 10 y/o deliberately bent my son's fingernail down to halfway up the nail bed (ouch) and he came to me and said
    "Mum, I am so proud of myself for not hitting Kathryn, cos she really deserved it this time". Priceless............

    My son's solution is to spend a lot of time in his room playing his guitar, coming out for meals and the occasional bit of T.V. And frequent sleepovers. Mealtimes are easy, he is a teen, and doesn't look up from his plate until it's all gone, and he's eaten all the leftovers too. So they don't have time to fight.

    As I am pregnant with number 4, i am wondering how it will be this time, between the 2 youngest. Of course the older ones dote on Emma, she's so little that they can hardly pick a fight with her. I suspect she will probably experience some jealousy, especially with her Dad, as they are soooooo close. Any tips???

    Take care out there, Jill.