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    I was just wondering how old your kids where when they began using a knife and fork properly. Kameron is trying but doesn't quite have the strength to cut alot of meat so far.


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    mooshie Guest


    hi kathryn

    jay has only really got the hang of it now, and he is 5. he has been using a "grown up" knife and fork now for about 1 year.

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    Yep i would agree with Michelle, joshua has been using his knife for about 12 mths, he was always given one from about 3 or 4 yold but didn't really use it, lOL sometimes he still doesn't and some meat we cut for him cos he can't do it. Josh tries to avoid forks sometimes as well, I guess he figures it's quicker but we have other ideas about manners at the table lOL

    Cheers michelle

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