thread: Whats the deal with MSN chat???

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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
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    Whats the deal with MSN chat???

    I'm not very enlightened when it comes to MSN as I don't really use it. Last night DP was getting all these pop-ups from other kids (?) asking to talk to DD (12 yrs) I know you choose a usename etc, but DP was horrified to see one name was "I'm a realy (sic) horny boy and I want to have sex".
    OMG!!!! I checked her emails (I felt I had a right to under these circs), but they don't seem to say too much.
    does your child use MSN? What are your rules??

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    Jackie Guest

    My DD uses MSN, she chats with a lot of other kids from school, as well kids I/she don't know. She knows we can monitor what is being said. The messages that are sent back and forth are actualy stored on her pc, so it's easy to see what has been said. I've only taken a peak once, as a friend of mine told me that some of the kids were watching porn via webcam. Her DD is a friend of my DD, so I had a look to see what was going on. Thankfully I found nothing. I told my DD about it aswell, as i believe I have to open and upfront with her, for her to be open and upfront with me.
    Not really much you can do about who she talks to, unless you want to stop her talking all together. Some of the people, that I know are from her school, have the wierdest names. I put it down to hormonal kids.
    My nephew is a worry though, his user name is "Masta killer", he is 22 or something, so i would have thought he would be over using stupid names by now.

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    You have the option of blocking people if you don't want your daughter to speak to them. So maybe that is something you could think about ??


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    Jackie Guest

    But if that person really wants to talk to her, they just have to change there username. And if she is determined to speak to them, she can unblock them and just reblock when she is finished. Kids can be so damned sneaky..