thread: Who has Kids !!!

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    Who has Kids !!!

    Come girls I know there is a pile of you out there with kids betwen the ages of 5 & 12 so what are they getting up too while they are on holidays from school ??


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    Jun 2003

    How does generally driving me nuts sound??? LOL

    They are bored out of their brains!!! We have Jack's room to clean on Monday and they are both looking forward to going to vacation care on Wednesday. I might take them out to lunch on Tuesday as some girls that I used to work with are going out and have asked me along ... which on Tuesday means us!!!

    They are still playing with their toys from Christmas ... and my advice to anyone who wants to get a good workout while home with the kids is to get an eye toy for the play station!!! So much fun but exhausting!!!


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    Oct 2004
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    I can't even remember what we've been up to these holidays. Ummm, let me try.

    All I know is that the last week and a bit my DD has been on holidays with my brother and my sister and their families - DH and I couldn't get the time off work.

    I guess we've been to the beach, been to the pool, movies, had friends to play, 'spring cleaned' to make room for new presents from Christmas, and now we're moving into the phase of lets make sure we've got stuff for school - ie uniform, school shoes etc. We pick up our books on the 24/1 and we'll spend a good part of the day covering them with Contact - which is something we love to do together. We even have friend over on the day and the mums and the kids really get into it. (Are we sad??? )

    We've got one week of holiday care this week - which my daughter is looking forward to as she loves the activities.

    And that's about our holidays.

    Busy? You bet!



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    Rachel - I don't think you are weird re liking covering the books with contact !! I used to love doing that myself as well and mum and I would always fight over it LMAO, as I got older I said to her if you want to cover books go back to school

    Kelly - I also remember being bored about of my brains by the time the holidays came to an end. Once xmas and New Year was over I was looking for something to do. I still remember 3 term years and those holidays between xmas and return of school were a killer cause they were longer.


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    Jan 2004

    Well we have been playing a LOT of ps2. Have to agree with you Kelly about the eye toy, it definately is a good work out!! They are suppose to be releasing an eye toy game that is directed more towards a gym workout. Can't wait for that!!

    We have been doing a few cooking activities, painting, making fridge magnets and watching a lot of dvd's and sleeping in... Absolute heaven