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    Clamping the Cord...

    I was wondering why a lot of you are asking in your birth plan that they let the cord stop pulsating (sp?) before they clamp it?? I know I should know this since this is my 4th but really I have no idea. What benefits does it have for the baby??

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    Thanks for the info Shannon. It's funny the things that you are never told about by Drs., midwives etc. You really have to do a lot of reading for yourself don't you? With all 3 of mine the cord was clamped almost straight away, with the 2nd they really rushed to get the placenta out like they had somewhere else to be! Needless to say it did not all come away properly and I had heaps of probs! With the 3rd I had a lovely midwife and she was so patient it took and hour to come away naturally but it only felt like 10 minutes as I was too busy looking at my beautiful new baby!

    mum2boys- wow I would have thought that at a natural birthing centre they would have at least told you about the cord thing!

    I will be speaking to the midwives on my appts and making sure they they know I want this done. This site is great without it I still would have been none the wiser about this.

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    Jun 2004

    That article on the main site is awesome. There was a whole bunch of stuff I have never heard about, or even thought about!
    Definitely well worth reading and considering...

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    Great question, and Shannon, great answer. Thanks for putting that link there, I must read more of the main site. I'm off to read the full article now.