thread: Thrush & Vaginal Bleeding

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    Thrush & Vaginal Bleeding

    Hi there guys

    I had a bit of a scare yesterday. I went to the toilet and noticed I had some pink staining. I immediately panicked but I saw my doctor this morning and he said everthing seemed fine, although I may have a bit of thrush which can sometimes cause a pink discharge. Has anyone ever experienced this?? It was only a small amount and is gone now. I am just over 15 weeks pregnant.

    I also have a bicornuate uterus and the baby is on the left side. I did have funny, weird type of pains on the left side but they only lasted for a few hours. Nothing severe, could be just stretching?? Doctor said all seemed fine and took a swab to be tested.

    Any info/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again, hope you all have a great weekend

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    I did get thrush later on in my pregnancy, and had a curdlike discharge which was a bit pink: like you, I had a panic. The midwives did a swab and it was all fine.

    And the stretching feeling: I used to get that a lot at about 16 weeks.

    So, whilst I think everything you are experiencing is fairly "normal", if you are even the tiniest bit worried, go back to your Dr, for peace of mind if nothing else.

    Best of luck..........

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    Hi fidaly,

    I experienced the exact same thing a few nights a go. I also had a leakage of clear discharge aswell as the blood stained, so naturly i thought my waters had broken. When to the hospital and they said all was ok with bubs. The watery discharge was normal, just a bit watery than normal, and i have a bit of thrush around my cervix which caused the bleeding. With the stretching feeling, thats all very normal, i experienced that from about week 17 and still do.

    Hope this helps. Take care,

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    fidaly Guest

    Thank guys, I feel better now. I just had never heard of bleeding with thrush, all new to me. To be honest I don't really feel like I have thrush, not like in the past. Did you take anything for it? I have used Canestan in the past past but not sure if you can when pregnant. Started eating yoghurt today also.

    Thanks again for your advice, it is great when you hear others have experienced it so I know it is normal.

    Have a great day O


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    I would definitely talk with my OB about what to take.
    Are you sure it is thrush (vaginal candidiasis)? Did your doctor check? There are several different types of vaginal infections.
    I'm just very cautious, because I had vaginal bacteriosis (without noticing even) and that can lead to miscarriage and premature labour and needs to be treated with the according antibiotics!
    Eating (and applying) yoghurt with lactobacillus might help clear it up, but I would recommend seeing a gynaecologist.