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Thread: Thrush - What should I do??

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    Hi Dee,

    I have had thrush on and off during this pregnancy and it is so annoying and I can not get rid of it. I got it a bit when I was pregnant with my first son and Dr McGrath prescribed some tablets that I had to insert inside, it worked but it was very annoying.

    Maybe I need to cut down on my soft drinks and sugary foods. I think I might give In-liven a try just where can we get it from our chemist.

    Take care hope it goes soon

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    Deejoy, you poor thing. Hope you do get some relief. I had thrush for a very long time many years ago (not preg - so not added probs like you) and it caused something that could be associated with your burning issues exactly where you describe.

    Tryin googling "vulvodynia vestibultis" if your swab is in fact negative.

    Tracy's post was great I was reading it going 'she's so right'. Try all those things. I have also heard that Innerhealth Plus can cause nasty gastro side effects if you aren't used to it.


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    Default Where to buy In-Liven

    Mi-Vitality In-Liven is available from my website - click products, organic superfood, scroll down to the bottow to 'click here' to purchase. You will be taken to a secure shopping site - Mivitality is on the right - click it, add to shopping cart and away you go. I have been remiss in getting this onto your Belly Belly site but I will do so by the end of the week.

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    Default I cured my thrush with garlic!

    Hi Deeanne

    I have been a long-term sufferer of vaginal candida infections (thrush)..

    The doctors are always very quick to point you in the direction of the Canestan cream/pessaries etc but I have found them increasingly ineffective.

    I have read a lot about the benefits of using garlic as an antifungal and antibacterial agent.

    I have cured my most recent bout of thrush (about 5 days ago) by peeling a clove of garlic, cutting it in half, scoring it with a knife, tieing some cotton thread around it and inserting it into my vagina every 3 hours. I also left it in overnight. I did this for 48 hours and the infection has completely gone. I couldn't believe it. So fast, so cheap!!!

    I returned to my doctor to obtain the results of my swab test (which had been taken 5 days prior) and I told him that my thrush symptoms had disappeared and that I had been inserting garlic. He nearly fell off his chair. Contrary to what some might think, it did not sting at all.

    If anyone suffers from vaginal thrush, you have GOT TO TRY THIS!! It really works!!

    Would love to hear feedback from others if they try this.

    NB I am NOT pregnant.

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