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Thread: Treating Thrush - Anyone tried Fast-Track by Miessence?

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    Default Treating Thrush - Anyone tried Fast-Track by Miessence?

    I'm almost 10wks and I've got a mild vag thrush infection. Could be because fruit (and therefore sugar) are the things I stomach the best at the moment.

    Anyway, I read a Bellybelly article on a probiotic called Fast-Track by Miessence (organic etc). Is that safe to take in the 1st trimester? I'm hesitant about Canesten etc or any other chemicals - trying topical yoghurt atm.

    The chemist said thrush is harmful to the baby and I must treat it. Not too sure as I've heard/read conflicting views.

    Has anyone tried this probiotic drink? Interested in your thoughts.


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    Melody, it is perfectly safe to take in pg as it is completely organic and the fast tract is predigested too. It isn't as strong as the In-Liven though, so you might need to follow up the fast tract with that to help with the thrush, as it prepares your gut for the In-Liven, which is stronger. I see you have already checked out the thread in General Health, Fitness and Well Being, but check out the article on the main site too.

    ETA - here is the link to the article
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