Hi Milka

I smiled at your story but only because I know exactly how you feel. It is a very strange transition from being preggy and having to run to the work toilets to vomit and being in bed by 8pm to slowly returning to pregreggy state.
All my closest friends knew. It wasnt a concious decision, but becuase so many are preggy or have new babies, they knew we were trying and as soon as they saw me not drinking etc they would ask 'are you pregnant?'. I am such a terrible liar that I didnt even try to say no, or 'im on a detox' etc. It is funny as I worried about telling people before 12 weeks 'just in case' though in some ways it has really helped having people know. When I was pregnant and now with the MC I can go out and be myself and not have to pretend to be someone I am not. I received gorgeous texts, cards and some flowers from my friends, and really they have been great. They have showed support as friends, rather than try to tell me everything is OK, it was meant to be...etc which could get annoying. I dont think it has been a burden on them and I have made sure I havent put too much on them. I have shared the ups and downs with 2 of my closest girlfriends (I felt I was continuously tested, scanned etc for the 7 weeks) and had a few tears, but with the others they havent been too involved which I think is best.
Our parents also knew and they have been great. My mum picked me up from the hospital after the D&C etc and has been great, though I think she thinks it is time to move on. She had 5 MCs amongst 5 healthy children and doesnt see them as too big a deal...hmmm. Straight afterwards I had to make her realise that even though it was great we could have kids and we could try again, it was still emotional, and she soften alot and showed more empathy. It was hard not to tell family esp given I really wasnt well.
Yes, it has also made my gorgeous hubby and I realise that we are ready to start a family. I wasnt sure to start because of my career etc.
Have a great rest of your weekend.