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Thread: Anyone's thoughts on Vitex?

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    Question Anyone's thoughts on Vitex?

    Hi There,

    I have been using the saliva microscope this cycle and did not get any type of ferning around O time, but have had full ferning the last fews days, 9 DPO. i had posted a Question to the site i bought it from and the natropath on the site suggested that i may have a hormonal imbalance, and said that is a cause of a blighted ovum which i had in January, So i have been reading up on what to do and read about vitex, was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on it and if anyone has used it and noticed any difference or fallen pregnant????


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    I have started using Vitex this month. I hear it takes a couple of months to really work. What I have noticed since using it is that i get a whole lot more CM than before. It didnt make me O earlier in my cycle than before, though I havent been using it for long so maybe its just not fully working yet.
    Ummm i dont really know anything else to mention.

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    You may like to raise your questions regarding Vitex here

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