Hey everyone,
Waking up to Af on CD30 bitterly upset (and in pain) that I'm not pregnant.

Long story short...cycle used to be 35days but o was still CD 14 untill Dd was born and then my cycle went haywire for a bit. Got af back at 3mths postpartum and had a number of 17day cycles. Fell preggers when she was 11mths by dtd on CD 13 and 15 and my cycle seemed to finally have settled on 31 days. I lost that bub and since then now my cycle fluctuates between 27-31days.

Finally convinced hubby to try again and the last two months have been unsuccessful which is disheartening because I normally fall preg easily. Last mc bub was an 'accident'. Has your cycle stuffed around for a while and changed since mc? What could I do yo balance it back out?

I do know how to temp and chart but dd still wakes to frequently and inconsistently with times.

Frustrated because we were trying just to get a bub in 2014...so we would have 10, 12, 14 with ages and really some days I do wonder why I want more! Lol so it was just relaxed and have fun ttc.. but now that im not im really upset...I guess coz I want a bub to fill that hole that the last mc made. Kind of to redeem it in a way. Itms?