thread: Cycle madness V Vitex trial??

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    Cycle madness V Vitex trial??

    I could really do with a little advice.. as I don't want to assume anything and risk MAJOR dissapointment.

    My last pregnancy (Sept 2011) ended up with a missed miscarriage. And had a D&C as a result. By January of this year my cycle has been a predictable 33days. With only one cycle being shorter. This for me is as normal as I have ever had it before or after the pill.(sorry TMI) The only drama was that my periods would start as spotting and be like that for almost a week before AF really did get going.. I had a normal cycle last month but started taking some Vitex by recommendation from my naturopath anyway. So that was a month ago... as per normal I expected my AF to rock up on or around this Wed just gone... NOTHING. One tiny small, barely can see pink a couple of days go.. but that's it. So naturally I am wondering 2 things. The vitex is stuffing me around with my cycle length.. just hold tight for the red witch. OR I managed to fall preggers. As you can imagine... I am THIS close to doing the test.. but so afraid of the result.. I want my body to tell me first. (all 4 of my pregnancies I got spotting around the time my AF is due then went away)

    Reading this back.. im thinking this through WAY too much. But feel better for "airing" it out.
    I might wait it out a little longer. The witch could be just around the corner.......


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    You seem more comfortable with waiting it out a bit longer, so I think that's what you should do. It's so hard when you want something so badly and keep getting your heart broken. I hope things turn out for the best for you xo

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    Test, just so you know.

    But vitex made my cycle go from 31 to 40 days(and made me go loopy) in similar circumstances. Took ages to go back to normal too.

    I find maca root a better supplement. I've got a 2/2 record on maca cycles.