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Thread: finally got AF after missed mc and d and c

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    XrayLinny Guest

    Talking finally got AF after missed mc and d and c

    Hello! I had a d & c done 1/23 after a missed m/c...our first. Very sad and depressed up until I got AF on Friday 3/6!! Never thought id be so happy! Cant wait to TTC again...Dr advised to wait to periods...this is toture!

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    Hi XrayLinny

    I am in a similar situation to you - just underwent a D&C on Tuesday. My doc told me it was OK to start trying straight away (or at least once my body had recovered from the D&C).

    One doctors opinion versus another, but there may not be any harm in trying earlier...
    we are not going to wait until my AF returns.

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    I bet we all thought we would never be so happy so have an af it's bee 3 weeks and 2 days since my D&C after M/C I am still waiting to af so a huge congrats and goodluck we aren't waiting either fingers and toes crosssed.

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