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Thread: How long to ovulate after d & c?

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    Default How long to ovulate after d & c?

    Went to see my dr on Monday for d & c follow up and he said it's OK to ttc - only reason to wait a cycle is for women who have repeated d & c, they could have raw patches on their uterus which can affect the placenta, and since I have only had one d & c (and bounced back so well - I only bled for 3 days) it should be fine. Also a gf who is a gp says no need to wait - only for dating purposes.

    Anyway, I am wondering if anyone knows how long it took to ovulate afterwards? I was still registering an extrenmely faint + on hpt last Saturday. DH & I are having fun practising to ttc but I would still like to know where I am in my cycle (have been practising FAM for so long and I used to ALWAYS know what was happening)

    We are only going to have a few goes, mainly due to my work situation & my age.

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    I found that the cycle of my D&C I O'd smack bang on the same day I had for the last 3 cycles (cd 21), but then this cycle I seem to be o'ing earlier, like you I only had AF for a few days then just spotting, a week after d&c nothing at all, hope you go back to normal nice and quick.

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    not sure, all the best however..

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    hi sallyj, i had a d & c in dec, had my AF's immediately after but this month has been the first month i have really felt the ov happening, jan and feb i felt nothing but this month has been cramping and 2 days ago got lots of egg white so i guess i ov'd... i didnt test after the d & c took me a 2 and a half months to get over the m/c but am back on my feet now, i hope all works out for you...

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