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Thread: How long till AF?

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    Default How long till AF?


    I had an early m/c late september that didnt require a D&C. I knew to expect my next af may be delayed slightly.

    My levels dropped quite quickly and i thought maybe that with my usual 5 week cycles that af wouldnt be late at all but she is (only 1 week).

    My question is - how long did it take you to get your first af after your m/c? Also was it really heavy/painful?

    Waiting anxiously

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    MrsB26 - i've just had an early m/c today (from a chemical preg) and i have started bleeding quite heavily all day... i thought this was the start of my AF? does this mean this bleeding will probably stop soon and then i have to wait for AF?
    i'm not sure how it all works.... I hope your AF comes soon. *hugs*

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    Hi Renstar,

    So sorry to hear of your loss This is the start of your af but what i was refering to was your first natural af after m/c.

    Your m/c bleeding should count as the start of what a normal period would be, so next follows O then af, iykwim? Sometimes your next period is delayed.

    I hope you are ok xo

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    Thanks MrsB26, i am doing ok, considering...still finding it hard to believe i was pregnant and pregnant for such a short time didnt get the chance to get very excited really...
    ..... I hope your AF arrives soon then...

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