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Thread: How long until Period after M/C?? PLEASE!!

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    krisso Guest

    Default How long until Period after M/C?? PLEASE!!

    Hi All.
    5 weeks ago now i had a early m/c. I was just over 6 weeks. I bleed for about 9 days and i am still waiting for a period to come!
    I have no idea how long it is ment to take so we can again start TTC.
    Looking for some advice.
    Thanks heaps

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    I think It'll come whenever your body is ready
    I had my first AF about 30 days after my m/c.
    I think it's very different for everyone.

    Even if you don't have AF, you could still get preggers. There's always that possibility.
    Look after yourself and sorry for your loss.

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    Mine took 40 days to come. Then we conceived that cycle.

    Wishing you all the best sweet

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    smiles4u Guest


    My GP recommended we wait 6months before trying again ... OMG, who could wait that long when they are in their late 30's

    ... Anyway, it ended up taking us 2&half years to conceive again ... Hope you conceive a lot sooner than I did ...

    Mine took nearly 40 days to come !!
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    45 days after I m/c AF arrived. I was impatient waiting as I just wanted to get back to ttc. Then 2 weeks after AF left, when I should have been ov, I started bleeding again. Apparently my body was trying to get rid of left over 'matter' in anticipation of a new egg attaching. Of course I wasnt able to fall pg that cycle, which was in March. Now im waiting and trying to get pg again. I think its diff for everyone, I think your body will just do what its needs to to prepare for a new pg'cy. Unfortunaley we cant predict how long this will be. I hope everything goes back to normal for you soon, and GL with your ttc journey.


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    Hi Krisso,

    Im in your boat! I had my mc d&c on the 19th April, 4 weeks & 2 days ago. I thought I ovulated on Monday 5/5 cos my bbs were very sore. Im waiting now for AF to arrive.

    So I would like to know from other ladies who've had experience: how long after ov (or thought u ov'd) that AF showed up???

    Hope that will be able to help us out Krisso!

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    gillian Guest


    Hi, I had my miscarriage on March 24 this year and got my period 6 weeks later and unfortunately 2 weeks later am still bleeding! Our pregnancy was the result of IVF so not sure if I have since ovulated or where my system really is at, at this stage. My period has been UNBELIEVABLY heavy and I am wondering if this is normal?? Have other people experienced this?

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    the average seems to be about 6-12 weeks. i took 6 this time and probably didn't OV in the first cycle, but i'm 43 and i think it takes longer as you get older. chin up!!

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    Krisso, I'm in the boat with you and Vanaithi. I had a d&c on April 24th and haven't ovulated or had and AF yet. Apparently the hcg produced in pregnancy suppresses the production of the hormones that stimulate ovulation. So as long as you have hcg in your system (apparently a level of about 5 or above) your body is basically on hold.

    I got frustrated and had a blood test last monday. My hcg level (3 and a half weeks after the d&c) was 101. I read that the level halves around every 48 hours, so hopefully I'll be back on the TTC bandwagon soon.

    If you are concerned, you can always ask your doctor for a BT to see what your hcg levels are doing. It gave me some peace of mind just to know what was going on in my body. And we've been "practising" just in case I ovulate any day now

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    Took me 12 weeks but when AF finally showed it was back to "normal". I have had regular cycles since the return. Like the other ladies have staed I think it greatly depends on YOUR body...goodluck TTC...I hope you'll get a BFP soon!

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    krisso Guest

    Default Finally!!

    Hi All.
    Thank you all for all the replys and information.
    Yesterday 1st AF since MC finally arrived though i do notice a difference. Alot lighter in colour and heavier.
    One other thing i am a little unsure about is if it is ok to use tampons or not??
    Thanks ladies and wishing you all the best with TTC.

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    Hey All
    I miscarried at 11 weeks with our twins on 5th May, which is almost 4 weeks away. I thought my body would just click back pretty quickly because my cycle is super regular, but no AF yet. But from all the replies the average is 6-12 weeks. Not that it matters in my case as I had to have a Rubella booster as my levels were low and now we have to wait three months before we can TTC, so if AF doesn't arrive soon, I'm not too worried. But it really sucks having to wait, we are really anxious to try again, but we will do as our doctor advises. All the best

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