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    Hi Girls

    I was wondering if any of you knew if you had an abnormality in your MTHFR gene.

    It turns out I do which is why I am having small babies as it causes a problem with the placenta cause my body doesn't break down protein quick enough. I was told by my OB that it is commonly found in women that have recurrent miscarriages and bleeding during pregnancy.

    To help my protein break and reduce my homocysteine levels I am on 1000mcg of B12, 1000mg of B6, and 5mg of Folate. The folate you have to ask for special because they only stock 0.5mg of folate on the shelves and you can only get 5mg from the chemist it isn't available in health food stores.

    Homocysteine breaks down your protein and turns into methoione. During the process the MTHFR enzyme is created and if your body doesn't process the homocysteine fast enough you get an abnormality in the MTHFR enzyme.

    Also cause the body doesn't process Homocysteine fast enough the homocysteine levels can build up over time which later in life can cause clotting of the arteries and veins, clots in the lungs and legs, heart disease and strokes !!

    Interesting stuff. Andrew's mum had 5 miscarriages before going on to have 2 small babies so she could also have this gene abnormality and not know it. Which would mean Andrew is a carrier and means the baby would be copping two lots of the abnormal gene. Andrew has to be tested on Friday to see if he has the abnormality or not. If he is my vitamin intake will again increase.

    Love :smt049

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    I had not heard of that!

    Kathryn I am glad that they found out what was causing this. I am also amazed that you were able to remember all that!

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    lol Lara

    My OB was kind enough to write it all down for me with diagrams etc, and I did a bit of net searching last to to find out exactly what homocysteine did in "easy to understand" terms

    Love :smt049

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    Melinda Guest


    I've never heard of the MTHFR gene to tell you the truth! Sorry Kathryn! But I can say that I am really glad that there is something that can be done about it!!

    Was it picked up during a routine blood test or something, or did your OB decide to do more tests to find out the cause of what you've been experiencing? I'm just wondering because both DH and I had the whole barrage of tests done after my first m/c (including chromosomal tests) which were clear - just wondering if that MTHFR thing would show up on those tests (considering it's a genetic thing).

    Interesting stuff Kathryn - hopefully Andrew doesn't have it and you don't have to worry about increasing the vitamins any further. I'll be interested to know how it all goes.

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    Another one over here who hasn't heard of it! Let us know how it goes. I hope Andrew gets the all clear. Good luck!

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    Hi Girls

    yeah my OB requested it specially. She said at my appt on the 8th that she was going to order an antibody test on my last blood samples I had taken.

    Andrew's blood referral thing says "test required - MTHFR"

    Love :smt049

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