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    Not sure if anyone has had similar experiences or has anything they can share with me to help me shed light on this... but I have had two consecutive miscarriages and in my search for "reasons" i insisted the doctor run some tests for me. He did a genetic test on the fetus which came back with a result of chromosomal abnormalities. I also had some blood tests taken for autoimmunity problems. The results of this show higher than expected levels of ANA... I am now confused as to whether my miscarriages could have been caused by autoimmune problems or whether it was chromosomal or whether the two things are linked .... I guess I'm wondering if I have two problems to deal with ie genetics AND autoimmune problems or whether they are interlinked somehow... My doctor seems unwilling to discuss this in any detail and just keeps telling me to try again. The more he dismisses me the more my anxiety is growing and I just want to understand why these things have happened to me and whether it might happen again. Probably more than I can realistically know...:-((

    Sorry for the long winded post... any advice welcome!

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    have you seen a fertility specialist? i think they can help you better than a normal doc.

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