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thread: Tests for recurrent miscarriage

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    meg Guest

    tests for recurrent m/c

    Thought this list might be useful for anyone in the recurrent m/c bracket who are undergoing testing. I have had some crap medical care and don't want others to have the same. These are the tests I have had by 3 specialists- please add additional ones if your need to.

    * coeliac disease
    * MTHFR homozygosity
    * anti- beta II glycoprotein
    * prothrombin gene mutation 20210A
    * anticardiolipin anitbody
    * plasma homocysteine
    * antinuclear antibodies
    * prothromin 3
    * protein C
    * Free protein S (antigenic)
    * RVV test
    * Delta KCT
    * Lupus anticoagulant
    * Factor V Leidin
    * Chlamydia
    * Mycoplamsa/ ureplasma
    * Chromosomal analysis

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    Great list Meg. Good to see MTHFR listed. I actually have that abnormality and was also told at the time in can cause re-current miscarriages. When i heard that I came here and asked the girls if they have ever heard of it before..

    So finding out i had that abnormality and being told i would be lucky to ever have kids cause of Endometriosis I feel extremely blessed

    Love :smt049

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Nov 2003

    What a great idea, Meg. Any chance this thread could be made a sticky? I'm sure lots of people would find it really interesting.

    The only other test I can think of atm is a TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) test.

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    jellybelly Guest

    Brilliant, thanks, Meg, now you can just ignore my other post asking you for the details.

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    Hiya Angel.

    I made it an announcement on Thursday for you

    Love :smt049

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    Melinda Guest

    I just wanted to add that other routine tests done are those for toxoplasmosis, parvo virus and listeria.

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Nov 2003

    Thanks, Kathryn

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    redmoon Guest

    thanks so much, meg!

    i'll be referring to this list in my next check up. my doc really appreciates it that i take time to learn more about my body and the other stuff related to pg.

    take care,

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    Registered User

    Jun 2004

    This is fantastic!

    I must admit, after multiple miscarriages, I have been tested for a range of things, but I have to admit to being a bit norty and leaving it up to the professionals to monitor. I suppose I always thought that "next time" would be ok.

    I am going to find out the tests I've had and what the actaul results are. I do know that of all the tests I've had, I have come up "normal" in all of them, including genetic testing of embryos.

    Gets frustrating when the tests come back as good, but you still can either get or stay pregnant.


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    Registered User

    Jun 2004

    What is MTHFR?


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    Registered User

    Sep 2004
    Pakenham, Victoria, Australia

    hi all, just got my bloods back from my last m/c. all were normal all except one for blood clotting. which showed an abnormality. My Gp said this can show up during pregnancy or as your age progresses, has anyone else experienced this with there blood and what has been done. I am seeing the Prof in 4 weeks time so maybe get some answers as to why?
    Just another hurdle to get past.

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    Melinda Guest

    I wonder if that's the test for antiphospholipid syndrome. There are a few members now who have had that Nola, and have gone on to have babies!! It's a matter of taking a small dose of asprin each day in order to thin the blood.

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    Registered User

    Sep 2004
    Pakenham, Victoria, Australia

    melinda, thank you so much, i was getting a little worried and called my Dr today and she said the same, And not to worry.

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    *Beccy* Guest

    Kathryn ~ I have endometriosis and my Ob Gyn told me that it has little or nothing to do with falling pregnant?

    He has clients that are "riddled" with endo and fall pregnant at a sneeze and others with a tiny little bit, that have lots of trouble falling pg.

    Is there some new research to show that it does affect conception?

    My last pregnancy (which ended in m/c at 9wks) only took 3 cycles.

    Kind regards

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Nov 2003

    Going through my notes from when we were TTC & PG with Kynan I realised there was a test I had done that I hadn't listed here - antithyroid antibodies. I lot of docs don't test for these if your TSH comes back normal. It's really worth having this test done though as antithyroid antibodies can be present even with a normal TSH, and women with these antibodies can be twice as likely to m/c.

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    Jun 2006
    Central Coast

    I've had blood clotting with one of my pregnancies and that was only when the gyno told me to try taking asprin. I cant remember all the blood tests I've had done *sigh* the only thing they have been able to find so far was a low level of anti nuclear antibodies, everything else has come up normal.

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    Registered User

    Oct 2006

    I have recently been tested for "antiphospholipid antibodies" among other things, thankfully this came back as negative but it is responsible for many miscarriages.

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    Registered User

    Aug 2006

    I just had my 4th loss. I am in the recurrent miscarriage program at Sydney IVF. This program involves a cycle of monitoring to try and identify problems. Aside from this b/w there are also multiple u/s, HSG, and endo biopsy, as well as the partner having to give an SA. There is also a chromosome karotype test for both partners.I am posting this in the belief that it may help someone else out there. Everyone I have spoken to in this program is very caring. Do not hesitate to contact them. Here is the list of CD2/3 bloodwork:

    Fasting glucose
    Fasting insulin
    Fastign homocystiene
    T-cell subsets
    Protein S
    Protein C
    Anti-thrombin III
    APC resistance
    (I don't know what these last two are - can't remember)

    Sometime before CD14 I will also have a b/w panel including:

    Tissue transglutaminase Ab
    Serum copper and ceruloplasmin
    Anticardiolipin antibodies
    Anti Tja antibodies
    Thyroid antibodies
    Lupus anticoagulant
    Immunoglobin A (lgA)
    Antigliadin Ab
    CA 125
    B12 and Folate
    Blood group
    Hep B
    Hep C

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