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Thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss April 2007

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    BIG Hugs Jemjams!! 2008 will be a GREAT yr!!!!!

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    Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for all your well wishes for Tuesday. I am nervous but at the same time I am visualing every thing working out well and that my little bean is growing healthily.

    Sharon - So sorry that AF has hit you so badly. Hope it has settled down for you by now.

    Mummyto1 - WOW congrates. I wish you all the very best hon. Hears to a easy peasy stress free pregnancy.

    Janeo - Congrates on deciding to get married this year. I had a November wedding and the weather was perfect. Just remember if you are planning on coming to QLD for your honeymoon that schoolies week is on at the end of Nov and you wont want to stay at the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast then!!!! sorry you prob are not even thinking of having a honeymoon up here but I thought I would just warn you.

    Wishing everyone else well and I will drop back in next week some time.

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    Thanks Bekz.. Date has been set at 15th Dec... So honeymoon will be early Jan when im on holidays as we have school holidays off... And might think about gc but maybe Port Douglas as we hae been to GC a few times LOVE it though sooo much to do...

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    Jane - How exciting about setting the wedding date! You won't even have time to think about TTC with all the preparations and stress that is coming your way hehe!

    Bekz - Let us know how you go, but I'm sure everything will be perfect!

    Jenjams - sorry that AF arrived. 2008 is going to be a big year for lots of us

    megsmum - I have just started the TWW, so I am not far behind you - so looks like we will be bellybuddies together!

    las - congrats on losing 2kgs! not long to go to your FS appt now!

    mummyto1 - Congratulations on your BFP!!! That's wonderful news!!!

    Hi to Leyla, Satya, Maz, Sharon, Alex and anyone else I missed!

    Thanks to everyone for your understanding advise over the last week. I made it through the week, just! I got a +ve OPK on Friday night when my DH was at work so I went psycho at him again, but all is well now. I got another +ve OPK again yesterday morning so we have been BDing like crazy and I also had intense ovulation pain on my right side yesterday - So i'm pretty sure I O'd this month and that we BD'ed at the right time. So now I just have to get through the TWW before I can make any announcements (I'm thinking positive thoughts!). If we conceive this time, then my EDD will be 12 Jan 2008. And FF tells me to test on May 7th - but gee I'm getting so ahead of myself already. I'm either going to be ecstatic or majorly disappointed, but you've got to dream right?

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    YAY Mummyto1...congratulations sweety. That's to best news. Wishing you a very H&H Pregnancy.

    Jane- Congrats on getting married this year. How awesome. I'm so happy for you and now you have something to really keep your mind busy. WooHoo...

    Hi to everyone else....hope you are all doing okay.

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    Hi Shan!!
    How are you travelling? Sorry to crash the thread but just wanted you to know that I've been thinking of you. There's always a warmed seat for you next door! and I want you in before I'm out!

    Sorry to hear you are a bit up and down at the mo. I've been checking in on you from time to time and am sending truckloads of babydust your way!

    Congrats on the upcoming nuptials-- how excitement! You've got a lot of planning to do before December so it sounds as though you'll have your hands full without fussing about TTC anyway! What a fantastic way to keep your mind and body busy! I remember we renovated our kitchen, livingroom and DH's studio after my first loss and the time really flew by, I hope the same happens for you-- but not too fast you must make the most of celebrating being engaged!

    Don't work that DH of yours too hard-lol! I hope you catch that eggy this cycle!

    I'll be seeing you lovely ladies on the flipside! Belly rubs to you all!!

    then to all the TTC girls!

    Hope xoxo

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    hyebacko AF is finally easing up. As for my 1st AF after D&C it was really borderline spotting and light AF probably more spotting, but decided to class it as light, as there really wasn't very much staining on my sanitary pad at all.
    mummyto1 that is just fantastic news, CONGRATULATIONS lots of for you
    *las* feeling a lot more 'human' today thanks :0) congratulations on losing 2kg that is great.
    maz instead of going to bed yesterday I decided to have a night out scrapbooking with the girls, told DH wouldn't be late, but I still didn't get home till 1.40am, which for me isn't late as I don't usually get home till about 4am
    megsmum it is really quite nerve racking waiting to see if you get your BFP after a m/c I have my fingers crossed for you. AF seems to be showing signs that she may bugger off soon, so that's good.
    satya hope you have got off lightly with AF this month.
    jenjams I really hope that you get an answer one way or the other, the spotting must be driving you nuts. (just finished reading the thread, at least you know now, and we can be cycle buddies)
    janeo That is great news about bringing the wedding forward, as I can totally understand why you would be worrying about everything all at the same time, good luck with everything and hope to see you around the forum in November some time
    Leyla happy to report that the old cow is packing her bags as we speak (well type) she should be gone in a day or two.
    BekZ good luck for tuesday, let us know how it goes hun.
    missbelinda77 hope your timing has been great and you caught your eggie, don't worry about getting ahead of yourself, I did the exact same thing with my last cycle, I just have to know everything before it happens LOL

    I am so glad that AF is packing her bags and getting ready to leave, she has been a real witch. I have been in the foulest of moods the last 5 days, a real "snappy tom" and DH had the nerve to ask me why I keep biting his head off lately, well, hello honey, I have the period from hell and my hormones have taken over my mind and body, LOL I even went and sat out the back garden on my own for about an hour after that because I just wanted to punch someone in the head, and his head was looking mighty fine (hehehe) but more hormones seem to be retreating a bit as well today so all in all I am feeling much better.

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    zionsmom Guest

    Default Thank you everyone...

    I really just wanted to say thank you to everyone! I have been lurking for almost 2 weeks now and so many of you have been giving me more hope. My name is Diane and my husband Jeremy and I have a wonderful 5 year old son named Zion Joshua. We have only been married 9 months and are fairly young. I am 25 and he is 26 years old, we found out I was pregnant again on Feb. 26th and everything was great.

    I had a little bleeding at 5 1/2 weeks and went to the ER where they said everything was normal and good so I proceeded to make my regular OB appointment. My appointment was April 10th through ultrasound they couldn't find the heartbeat and although I was 10.5 weeks baby measured to 8.5 weeks. I am finally able to go through most of my day without crying family has been supportive and everything. I am physically ok after d & c.

    Anyways I know this thread isn't the place to share my story but I just barely stopped bleeding and my husband and I want to ttc very soon. I think it took us 4 months to conceive this baby, but does anyone know if its true that you are more fertile after a mc or pregnancy? Also I know that its still fresh so I need to wait a little longer but I am just so anxious and scared I don't know when we should really start trying. I am sorry to bombard this thread I know that most of you know eachother a bit but I am just so confused and scared and I don't know who else to go to for these questions. I appreciate all of your experiences and what you have come through. Thank you for your time ladies.


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    Hi everyone, just a quick one for Diane - school goes back today so I can find some time to catch up with everyone later.

    Diane, very sorry that you have had to join us here - too many of us have travelled the 'u/s - no heartbeat' road (me twice) so you will find lots of support here - you have come to the right place as the ladies on BB got me through some very dark days.

    Do not worry about posting, this is why we are here - so you can vent, cry or anything else when you need to - and don't worry, you sound very normal to me!! - just like the rest of us - want to TTC asap but scared of everything that goes with it.

    Start trying when you and DH feel ready - that's what my GP says. If you have topped bleeding, that's great, but otherwise the only reason to what for AF is for dating and a bit to give you a rest and recover nicely but you are young (much younger than me!!) - and yes, there is a lot of truth in the 'more fertile after m/c - D&C' myth as many can testify to!!


    Now I just have to find out where in my flipping cycle I am - bah humbug!!!

    LOve Alex

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    zionsmom Guest

    Default Thank You

    Heybacko~ I can't even tell you how much your post meant to me, I have known I have hope but after reading your post I got goosebumps, just thinking about getting pregnant again! I feel so blessed to have found the compassion that is here on this thread and although I hope to never go through this again I am glad to have found all of you. Even though I don't know any of you that doesn't matter at all.

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    Zionsmum - this place has been many peoples saviour - mine included. The information you learn in here is better than any Dr could give you & feel free to get all your feelings out as everyone here understands EXACTLY what you have been through/ are going through! All the best for this new TTC journey - I hope it happens really soon & has a very happy ending.
    A big thank you to all the girls in here from me - I will be thinking of you all & spreading heaps of babydust around in this thread!!

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    Hi Guys,
    Just popped in to say Hi, hope you had a great weekend. Cannot keep up so will have to do personals when have some more time. Had huge drop in temp this morning. Have asked questions under charting forum but feel free to have a look & see what you think I have no idea. Have had a few pg symtoms, well feels like them any way.
    Will talk later
    Welcome to zionsmum, sorry you have to join us


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    jenjams - sorry AF showed up, but then again the waiting for it is a killer, at least you know where you are at now.

    missbelinda77 - sounds like the BDing was timed well. Fingers crossed for you.

    Sharon - glad AF is on it's way out and you are feeling better.

    Zionsmom - Welcome. Sorry for your loss. I've had great support from the ladies in here and I'm sure you will too. It does appear that many ladies are very fertile after a m/c so let's hope you are one of them. If you feel ready to try again go for it.

    Heybacko - I'm so glad you've finally stopped bleeding. Good luck in working out where you are in your cycle - that will be quite difficult I imagine.

    Herbie - pg symptoms are a good sign. I have my fingers & toes crossed for you.

    Hi to everyone else I've missed. Nothing to report from me except AF is continuing to be extremely light after such a rude awakening on Sat morning. I had bad headaches throughout the weekend but they've gone as well. I hope everyone is doing well today.

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    zionsmom Guest


    Thank you to all for the very warm embrace and welcomes. I am really hoping for positive reports from many it not only makes me happy but gives me even more hope. Good luck to all and I will continue to update in here so I look forward to seeing others updates as well. have a good one.3

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    Tonners Guest


    Hello everyone,
    Jane - Congrats on setting a date for your wedding and I'm glad to hear that you got on well at the naturopath. Hopefully the suggestions he gave you plus a bit of a break from ttc will be just what you need for success!
    Welcome to Lee, Maz and Diane. Sorry to hear your sad stories, especially yours Lee. I wish you all the best for the months ahead.
    Herbie - it must be hard to have your due date approaching and thinking how different things might have been. Your time will come again though, I'm sure. I noticed on your signature that you had a missed m/c at 12 weeks - I had the same, it's tough isn't it.
    Satya - I'm glad to hear that you don't have PCOS. It's a bummer that AF has arrived but your positive u/s results are the most important thing. On with the next cycle! Hope you had a good chinwag with your friend at the weekend.
    Leyla - sorry to hear about the confusion in your cycle. I don't know anything about temping so I can't offer you any advice but it seems like lots of people's cycles are all over the place so you may not have O'd on CD10. Keep on bding if you have the energy!
    Bun - what great news from your FS appointment, I'm so glad they are listening to you at last. I can understand that you are overwhelmed with all the action all of a sudden after so much inaction but go with it. I will have my fingers crossed for you. Hope the injections aren't too nasty.
    Belinda - great to hear you got your bding in on time. Fingers crossed for you too!
    Bekz - Roll on Tuesday...
    Sharon - sorry to hear AF was so nasty. Hope she's eased off.
    Alex - Glad to hear you've stopped bleeding at last. It's very frustrating when you don't know what your body is up to but nothing seems normal after a mc. Hope you get back to normal soon.
    JenJams - sorry to hear AF arrived.
    Las - best of luck trying naturally. You never know, losing 2 kg (well done!) and the zinc might be just what you and DH need.
    Mummy to 1 - Congrats!! That is great news, especially after you have been ttc for so long. Sticky vibes to you.
    Sorry to anyone I've left out and on to my news. I tested again on Wed but have not been able to type this until now because it has taken a while to sink in. I got a !!
    Well, that is to say I got a darker line and at this stage it's been 6 weeks since AF. I really don't feel that I am pg so I am not that excited but as each day goes by I am feeling a bit more confident. Thanks for all the good wishes when I was testing. Talk soon.
    Tonners x

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    Heybacko Guest


    OMG - Tonners, you mare!!!

    You put us all to shame with a lovely, long, up-to-date post with loads of personals THEN you sneak your own 'little' piece of news in under the wire at the end!!!!!!!!

    YIPPEE!!!!! Lovely, lovely news!!!

    Sending you a shed loads of

    See, now I have been side-tracked again and still haven't got anywhere with personals!!!

    Love Alex

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    WOW Tonners - Congrates on your BFP. I think we might be belly buddies!!!!! Sending stickey vibes to you.

    Sharon - Gald AF is going away...Are you going to start on Vitex again? This may help settle your hormones.

    Hi Everyone, hope you are all very well.

    Zionsmum - Sorry for your loss. You'll find heaps of support here. Trying to conceive again is different for everyone. Some people hop straight back into it asap and others hang for a while. Either way as long as you and DH feel up to it again then there is no reason not to ttc. TTC can bring up all sorts of emotions and you might find even the thought of ttc may bring back sad memories. Unfortunately now that you have experienced a mc your next pregnancy may be more nerve racking and the innocense (sp?) has been taken away. I certainly was not thinking of TTC again after my last mc but it turns out that we did conceive (first cycle post d and c) and now I am in the terrrible 13 wk wait. My worst fear is that I will start spotting again or worse still I will have an u/s and there will be no heart beat, but in saying that I am trying to be as positive as possible this time round and I will deal with things as they come. Sorry to crap on and I wish you all the best.

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    zionsmom Guest


    Bekz thank you I think we will be up to ttc sooner than later and I never thought about it but your right ttc again will bring back memories of when we were trying this last time. I will probably be thinking about how I should be pregnant right now, I should be 12.5 weeks or so You really took the words right out of my mouth! The innocence has been ruined, because even though i long for the day of another BFP I know when I do see it my heart will sink with fear and then when I see the DR. I know I will have butterflies in my stomache and when they do the Ultrasound I will close my eyes and refuse to look at the screen until I know its going to be a positive response. However I am also aware that living in fear is no good.

    But congrats to you on expecting! Also congrats to Tonners So exciting

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