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thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ April 2009 #2

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    Jan 2009

    Mel - congratulations. that is wonderful news.

    Laura - sorry to hear of your loss and after such a long way to get there. You are in the right place now - the women here are the MOST amazing people out there and have been my saving grace. I look forward to getting to know you and celebrating with you when you get your next bfp. Good luck when you do start ttc again.. sometimes the thought of getting back into it is too much to handle, so give yourself as much time as you need. How is your other half coping? Look after each other xx

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    Dec 2008
    Melbourne, VIC

    Mel ~ I'm crying tears of joy for you and your DH !!!!! You so deserve your forever baby. May the next 8 months (give or take a few days!) be as happy and healthy as you could imagine.

    Rhi ~ welcome back

    Shortcake ~ happy moving day tomorrow; hope everything goes smoothly.

    Boble ~ that's super news about your FS. Sounds like you're on the way!!

    coco ~ We are also having dramas relating to settling on our new house! Our's are a little different, but I can completely empathise. Hope it starts to resolve itself very soon. (I haven't time to read all the way back through the last few days so I'm not sure if you've said anymore about it )

    Sorry for the lack of more complete persies. Living stress-land at the moment. Too tawdry to describe; super busy but hopefully things will calm down a bit next week!

    I'm thinking of you all.

    Take care,

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    Jul 2006

    Mel - Awesome hun! I clapped as soon as I read your post (no one was around so I didn't feel so silly!)

    Mollycat - Congrats on getting your pg officially confirmed

    Laura - Welcome. As boble said - this is an awesome thread, full of support but also we are (If I do say so myself) a great bunch of gals!

    Meh - Thanks for the welcome back.

    Boble - It is truly fantastic that you have connected with your Dr. She sounds very supportive and willing to try different angles.
    Well, I am back at work tomorrow, but will be on probably heaps this weekend due to the predicted crappy Melbourne weather coming in tonight & settling for the weekend and into the next week.
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    Oct 2008

    Thanks everyone for being so excited for me and checking to see if I had posted all day, sorry to keep you waiting I just can't until DH is home and I can give him a huge cuddle! It has been a long road to get here but we made it and everyone else on this thread will too. I am going to wait and create my ticker with DH since he couldn't be at the FS today.

    Mollycat - Woo hoo! Must have been the day for confirming pg We are belly buddies! My FS offered a scan today but I decided to wait until 6 weeks (and for DH) as he said you can't really see anything at this stage. Good luck with your blood tests, are you just having your levels checked?

    Laura - I am so sorry for your loss I feel awful talking about my BFP when you are going through such a heartbreaking time. Hopefully seeing some BFP's on this thread can offer you some hope for the future. You are in the right place for support and guidance, the girls in here are wonderful and have kept me going when I just didn't think I could anymore. I wish you the best of luck on the rest of your TTC journey.

    cherished1 - Sorry to leave you hanging. I had to call DH and then go and see my best friend before coming home as she was hanging out too. Have fun camping. I know what you mean about BB withdrawals, just think of all the posts you'll have to catch up on when you get back.

    Hannah - We are belly buddies as well! I'm only a couple of weeks behind you. I'm over the moon DH got his birthday present and can't wait to see his face

    Megsmum - Well if I have my days right I was 161 on 17DPO which is a little lower than you but I am trusting my FS when he says it was fine and he was happy. I will go for another blood test next week as I think that will ease my anxiety a little. Hopefully it is all good

    sunny - Thanks sweetie. That's a hard question as I have o'd on days 17 and 18 and then on some longer cycles I haven't o'd until day 22. I think with this one it was day 16. It can change so it's hard to know unless you are temping or checking CM. DH & I decided not to worry about any of that (I got too obsessed) and just went back to BD every 2nd or 3rd night - it worked! Hope your neck feels better soon.

    Boble - Thanks for the positive vibes, I think they worked That is such great news. It sounds like the $160 was well worth it. I'm so happy for you. Best to get all the tests done to make sure you rule everything out. I'm sure we will see your BFP in no time.

    Oops run out of smilies.....

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    Oct 2008

    Rhi - Thanks for checking on me sweetie I'm sorry you have been feeling down. I pray you get your BFP soon.

    coco - Oh sweetie I'm glad you are getting all the tests done. DH and I did and it really helped knowing what we were dealing with. I think you should encourage your DH to get his sperm tested as I think it is best to be fully informed so you can move toward getting your BFP. I'm sure your DH won't mind and it often puts their mind at ease too (knowing they are ok).

    erybery - Thanks for all your support as well, I really appreciate it!

    Jen - I guess you have to wait until morning to see my post. Thanks for all the baby dust and sticky vibes, I think they helped Happy Birthday to your DS! Hope you had a great day, do you mind sending some of those cupcakes my way, peanut is hungry

    I hope I haven't missed anyone. Wow, you women are amazing and so, so strong. You are all stronger than you probably realise and to be able to offer encouragement and support to women as they get their BFP's, well you are truly inspiration and I feel so lucky to have met you all

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    Oct 2008

    Thanks Rhi & Meh Hope life settles down a bit for you Meh!

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    Mar 2008

    For Mel & mollycat-- Official Congrats to you both on your Saying lots of for a healthy, happy, and sticky 9 mo's!!!

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    Jan 2008

    Mel - Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! on your bfp wishing you happy healthy 9 months.

    Mollycat - Congratulations on having your pg confirmed, so nice for your doctor to be as pleased as you are

    For all you other ladies am for your bfp's

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    Jan 2009


    Good morning lovely ladies!

    Greenslw- Good luck with your FET!

    Sally- How sweet of DH for buying you pearl earrings!

    Jen- How are you doing? When are you testing?

    smi- I'm praying your placenta moves up. Thats great that she has long legs how cute!

    coco-I'm glad your cysts are gone. Hopefully you won't need to go to that appt in june! Hopefully you'll already be pg!

    boble- Yay! I'm so glad that you found a DR that actually wants to help you.

    sunny- Each woman is different as to when they ovulate. It really depends on your cycle length. Sorry that I couldn't help you more.

    Cherished- Have a good weekend camping!

    BBL for more persies!

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    Jan 2009

    Back a little sooner than I thought!

    chappas- look at your ticker moving along!

    missy- Welcome! I'm am so sorry for you loss especially after you had to wait so long to become pg. But you have came to a place full of supportive women who are the best!

    meh- Thanks for the moving wishes! I bet your excited to get moved too. Living out of boxes stinks!

    Rhi- Hope the weather isn't too bad for you this weekend.

    Mel & Mollycat- I'm so happy for both of your BFP! I pray you both have a healthy and happy 9 months.

    Hello to WTH, PLC, erybery, Hannah, megsmum and anyone else I may have missed!

    AFM-Tomorrow is the big moving day. I'm very excited to get moved in and stop living out of boxes. I haven't taken anymore tests for fear of BFN. Usually by now I'm starting to have some symptoms of AF but I haven't and not really have many pg symptoms either. I think I'm going to waiting until next week to test. See if AF arrives or not. I'm still nauseated and having terrible headaches and peeing alot. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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    Mar 2008

    Wow, this thread has seen SO much good news lately! It's inspiring, and gives us all so much renewed hope!

    Thanks to everyone who wished DS b-day wishes! He had a great day... I got a cheer and applause from the kids when I brought in the cupcakes! But the poor teacher--she had to deal with a bunch of sugar-crazed kids at 10:00 in the morning! However, it was HER idea to bring them at that time... so that's on her, not me!

    smi--Great u/s results! So happy to hear Miss Nahla is growing so well--wow, that's amazing that her legs are measuring further along than the rest of her! I didn't even know that was possible! Sounds like you've got an athlete on the way! Big Congrats, hon! *hugs*

    plc--Thanks again for the pic of DS in his Earth Day shirt! I got a big smile out of DS when I showed him! Next time he wears it, I'll take a pic for you to show DS that they have matching shirts! *hugs* Thanks for the talk this morning! (last night, whatever! lol... )

    mollycat--Congrats again on your official BFP news! Love you lots, hon, and wish you the best, happiest, stickiest 9 mo's ever!

    sunny--Cute ticker! Good for you for figuring it out... I remember I was so excited when I got mine up for the first time! Just wanted to add that I was the same as you... I didn't start out charting, just figured I would see how it went. But I got confused with the CM thing, because I've noticed now (after charting) that I tend to get watery CM again right before RB, so it would confuse ff, and my O date would change to the end of my cycle, and then RB would show! So I said, screw it, and began temping/charting. Hopefully you'll get a BFP and not ever have to worry about it!

    Hello and big for Hannah, erybery, Rhi, & meh

    cherished--Enjoy your camping! When I went last summer for 5 days, I bought a wireless internet card for my laptop so that I could bring bb camping with me! Unfortunately, I could never find service--even after driving to the top of the highest slide and tallest hills! Talk about withdrawals! Luckily, it got too hot, and we headed home after a few days, so I got my bb fix--but omg, those few days without it were rough! Relax, have fun, and be safe! *hugs*

    boble--So happy that your phone interview went well, and that you've found someone willing to listen and help! Sounds like a plan of action has been set into motion! Wouldn't that be brilliant to get some answers about all that spotting, too?

    coco--Glad to hear that your cysts are gone! Hope the BT's help to put your mind at ease! *hugs*

    Mel--What a fabulous b-day pressie for your DH! I couldn't be happier for you! Oh, I sent you that cupcake you requested--hope peanut enjoys! It's chocolate--but no worries, I won't make you go diving out of a plane after it! ROFL.....

    missymoo--Welcome to our humble little thread! May it offer you as much comfort, support, joy, and laughter that has always been offered to me! I'm so very sorry for the loss that brings you here, but look forward to getting to know a new friend to share this journey with whenever you're ready!

    MO3B--What can I say? You're the BEST! Thanks for listening and caring! Love you!

    fifi--Hope that little man Charlie got his package! Miss you and hope to chat with you tomorrow! *hugs*

    Shortcake--Woo-hoo, moving day tomorrow! Don't overdo it--just in case--your temps are looking great!!! Not sure when I'll test... ff says on the 29th, but I usually know whether freaking RB is coming before testing day, so I guess we'll just have to see. Good luck tomorrow, and enjoy the new house!

    More *hugs* going out to Toccara, charm, mrzbaby, sally, WTH, Greenslw, Mannie, babymiracles, chappas, easha, Theresa, issy, Tam, Krystie, jenushka, and any others that I know I've missed!

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    Dec 2008

    Morning ladies!

    Thanks for all your kind words and support.

    To all those who have gotten BFP's (sorry forgetting names - there are lots!) - congratulations! That is so exciting and wonderful and hope you have a H & H pregnancy! The day I miscarried my friend told me she was pregnant and we would have both been due at the same time! She felt so bad about telling me when I told her I miscarried but a baby is a blessing and I couldn't be more happy for her!

    Hopefully all this positive BFP news will rub us on the rest of us! Fingers crossed.

    Have a fab friday all and a lovely weekend.


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    Oct 2008

    Shortcake - Make sure you don't go lifting any heavy boxes - those symptoms sound promising! I was sure AF was on her way for me this month and only did a test on a whim and look what happened, don't give up.

    Chappas - Thanks, your BFP was one of the ones that inspired me to keep going

    Jen - Thanks sweetie, the cupcake was delicious! I made sure I caught those sticky vibes too I am no chart whisperer but I had a peek at your chart and it looks good to me, looks like you had a dip which could have been implantation? Here's hoping

    Coco - Hope you get the house sorted out soon. You certainly don't need that stress. I thought there was usually a clause on the contract about tenants having to move out if the house is sold (given notice of course). Real Estate agents can be so sneaky!!! Hope it all works out.

    Meh - Thanks for being so excited for us, I we will be celebrating your good news soon as well.

    Laura - Thanks sweetie You are so strong to be able to handle the news from your friend at such a heartbreaking time. She is lucky to have a friend like you. Best of luck.

    AFM - DH is home tonight Can't wait. I am cooking garlic and herb lamb shanks in the slow cooker (I love my slow cooker, someone else said that recently?). DH wants to go and tell our parents tonight so needed something quick. Last time we waited to tell our parents and it was too late so this time we want them to share in our excitement.

    Have a lovely day ladies!

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    Aug 2008

    mollycat - Congratulations on having your pg confirmed . I wish I could've seen that look on your doctor's face.

    Mel - Congrats again. Yay for DH finally coming home! I'm betting your parents will be so excited. I haven't told my mum yet. I'm having dinner with her tonight so if she asks I'll probably tell her since I don't want to lie outright. I know we're not exactly belly buddies by BBs definition, but 2 weeks is close enough for me

    jen - Kids with a sugar high at 10am tend to crash in the afternoon. Maybe DS's teacher was planning a quiet afternoon? Your chart is looking good

    Shortcake - with the move tomorrow. So exciting!

    Hi and to everyone else.

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    Sep 2008

    Mel & Mollycat - so happy your BFP's has been confirmed! I really hope you can start enjoying your pregnancies and its so nice you can be bellybuddies together understanding what you have both gone through.

    Coco- Because of my irregular cycles I had blood tests of my progesterone to check if I'd ovulated (in the midst on 70 day cycles). These were just wheneva I went to the doc. Then when I saw my gyno after these tests showing I wasn't ovulating at all he had me do day 21 blood tests and when I started the clomid tablets (to make me ovulate) had day 21 blood tests of progesterone to see if the clomid had worked and made me ovulate. I really hope the doc can give you more answers. I claim clomid is a miracle drug.

    Boble - So glad your phone appoint went well. Hopefully they will be able to give you more hope!

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    Apr 2007

    Coco - I just wanted to answer your questions about having your prog levels checked You have to get the BT done for prog 7 days after you ovulate ie. 7DPO. That is when they are at their highest in your cycle. If you get them done at another time they may be lower and you may mistakenly believe that you didn't ovulate KWIM? Also, a lot of drs assume that everyone has a 28 day cycle and ask you to get it done on CD21 assuming that you ovulate on CD14, which is good if you do, but if you don't then you won't get accurate results either - it has to be 7DPO. Good luck and glad to hear that the cysts are gone. And yep there is a shortage of female gynae's here, actually there's a shortage of them fullstop. My ob/gynae is a bloke, he is a really nice man too, would recommend him without hesitation, but I doubt you'd get in even to see him any quicker than you have.

    Laura - Hi and welcome So glad you found the ladies here, they are just a wonderful support to us all. Hope you get your BFP and sticky baby soon.

    Jen - LOL at the sugar crazed kids! I'll bet they enjoyed the cupcakes though, my DD doesn't mind the odd cupcake either

    Shortcake - Good luck with the moving, make sure you take it easy though because those symptoms sound pretty good to me!

    mollycat - Yay for getting your pregnancy confirmed

    Cherished - Hope you have a nice weekend camping

    to everyone else that I have missed, hope you're all doing well

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    Mar 2008

    Mel--Have fun telling your parents that they're going to be grandparents! And for DF coming home! Dinner sounds scrum-diddly!

    Hannah--You know, I always pictured you and Mel being belly buddies... how awesome that now that includes mollycat! Hopefully we're on a roll! Enjoy your dinner with your mom tonight! And for all 3 of you!

    to my fishy friend, megsmum! and

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    Mar 2009
    Inglewood, WA

    Hi again ladies,

    Mel and Mollycat - FANTASTIC!!! yeah for you both and a huge congratulations!

    Laura - sorry you are here but it is the best most supportive position for us all to b in given the circumstances. Hopefully your visit will be short!

    Jen - ok Im going to do it... Set up my chart and record all the temps and stuff... Makes me nervous though...

    Shortcake - good luck.. I hate moving so hopefully it does go smoothly and I agree, you shouldnt be lifting anything heavy!

    To everyone else a big hello..

    AFM - only two more days of holidays... the opk's say I havent o'd yet still which makes me nervous I guess its only day 13 but stil I thought maybe I would now....
    Off to have a facial and nails done very exciting.


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