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thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ April 2009 #2

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    Feb 2009
    Griffith N.S.W

    Mrz congrats that is fantastic news i wish you the best 9 months ahead WOW I hope it's in the water I am feeling positive and DH seems more ralaxed about baby making this month which seems to make everything more ralaxed if you know what I mean.

    Jen- Thanks I read some reviews and ppl were really positive about pre seed I thought anything is worth a shot I say.

    Have a good what's left of the weekend see you all tomorrow.

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    Oct 2008

    Just wanted to pop in and give sparkles and ferrals big You are both going through such a heartbreaking and traumatic time and I am thinking of you both and you can hold your forever babies soon

    Jen & Boble - It is not over until RB shows his ugly face!!! I still have my for the both of you.

    Jen - It's getting closer to your dr's appointment - I will be checking up on you to make sure you go and ask about the blocked tubes!

    Big hugs to everyone else. Just so you know I will still be lurking and posting to you all, plus I want to see when you all get your BFP's - and you will! And I am a little selfish and couldn't bear to leave you all

    AFM - Had quite a bit of anxiety this weekend but I have calmed down a little now. Whilst I am so estatic and grateful I have my BFP I am so scared something will go wrong. I am trying to be positive as I know stressing is not good for the baby and I am so lucky to have been given another chance and have our much loved baby growing inside me.

    Sorry for the rant

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    Jan 2009

    nawww Mel you made me teary a little bit! I am so so happy for you and so excited you have gotten this chance again to have a little bubba growing inside of you! I all will go well for you this time around.. sorry to hear about your anxiety over the weekend but it is so normal. Try to relax and enjoy it! you deserve it! *hugs* oh and love your ticker!

    Jen. I hope RB stays away for you. hows this for a deal.. I'll have it this month so long as you get your bfp this month.. then someone else can have it next time ok hehe. worth a try anyway.

    AFM - my spotting has been getting heavier and heavier as they day has gone on... but still not RB just yet (since i get the spotting so much every month i count the start of RB as the first day of red instead of brown iykwim) tomorrow i will definitly have to wear a panty liner, just in case (sorry, bit of a tmi post from me eek! lol)

    Talk soon xx

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    Mar 2009
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    Good evening ladies -
    well Im back in reality which is sad but luckily I recieved while I was away my $900 stimulis so thats a bit fun... what to buy, what to buy....

    ferrals - Im so sorry that you have had such a horrible experience.
    I would take everyones information and create your own decision...
    There are so many things that might happen that could alter your TTC plan..
    I know I was told that if my first period wasnt like a normal one I shouldnt try etc...

    Big hello to everyone else!!

    AFM - can you never have a positive opk?
    I had a temp drop today and ew mucas and Im sooooo confussed!!! its day 15....

    Ive attached my chart (YEAH!) but not as part of my signature so can you please have a look and check it out for me before I drive myself insane???


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    Mar 2009
    Inglewood, WA

    ok I have no idea how to do it but my temps have been 36.8 for 4 days, then 37.0 then 36.6 today with ewm..


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    Jan 2008
    Melbourne, Australia

    Mel BELATED CONGRATS to you hun - so so so happy for you!!!!!! well done!!!!! woohoo!!!!
    mrzbaby - so happy for you too (quietly) such great news!!

    hello to the new ladies who find themselves here in the shelter of much love and understanding - big hugs!!!!


    to my dear friends in here - hope you are all looking after yourselves!!

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    Jun 2007

    Hi ladies, thank you so much everyone for your encouraging words, what a lovely little community xo
    I will do personals when i get a chance, off to work ( i work two days and am mummy the rest i JUST started back ...sigh lol)
    but i am happy to report that my bleeding has slowed WAY down and feeling ok trying to be as positive as possible about not ttc, i will wait at least two full monts/cycles, for those who have miscarried naturaly whenh did your cycle return? After my d and c i ovulated 3or 4 weeks after the procedure 3 weeks i think

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    Jan 2009

    Sorry ladies no time for persis! I have internet at my new house now YAY! We are still getting unpacked but everything is here.

    AFM- I'm out this month! The witch arrived here this morning. And I might add she is here with a vengance! Hope everyone one else is well!

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    Jan 2008
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    Hey Gurlies...hope everyone is having a fantabulous weekend!!!

    What a busy busy thread!

    *wavin* Hi PLC...

    mel & mollycat... I am officially doing my happy dance for both of you! Congrats on getting the confirmations!

    mrzbaby...I am this is it for you!

    jen...thanks for the sunshine...this weekend has been simply beautiful!

    To the newbies...so very sorry for your losses but on a positive note...you will find all the friends and support you could ever need in these wonderful ladies!

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    Apr 2009

    Total newbie!

    My first time on any forum! Decided to go for baby #3 in Jan 09 and struck lucky first time. Spotting on 21 March 2009 and scan on 23 March 2009 (10 weeks) showed baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks. Natural m/c during the next few days. Got AF on 22 April so can now start ttc again!

    Getting pregnant seems to be all I can think of at the moment so thought I'd join some like minded people who know exactly how I feel!


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    Apr 2009


    Lucinda - just wanted to send you a and if you are lurking. a very special to you my friend. xx

    Hi All,

    Boble - Thanks for the special hello his is my first post, still trying to navigate my way around BB - I'm sure i'll get the hang of it soon.

    So far this site has been very inspirational and I've been reading through some old posts trying to gather as much info as i can re: m/c, all the ladies on this site seem so lovely and positive and I'm glad that I've finally found BB (thanks boble).

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, but just for a bit of back ground info on myself, i'm 24 hubby is 25 we've officially been ttc for about 6 months - in this time i have had 1 mc (we also had a surprise pregnancy about a year ago which sadly ended in mc)

    I have been to the Sydney IVF centre and had some blood taken about 5 weeks ago (we get our results back tomorrow, so i'm a bit nervous, but i am hanging out to find out if there is a reason behind all of this)

    I've also been going to acupuncture for 3 weeks - so hopefully this will be working for me soon aswell.

    I just want to wish you all the best of luck with your TTC journey and i really hope that you all get your BFP's soon and that those bfp's result in your forever and ever sticky (like super glue) babies!!

    Kisses and Hugs and to all.

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    Mar 2009
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    SOrry for my late night rant!
    All is good now, opk tests (yes 2!) both said a strong positive so it may be a pearl baby after all but if nothing else I know when to test etc and that I have ovulated!


    Susie.T - Welcome ! This forum is a life saver and if all you can think of is getting pregnant again then your in the right spot!

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    Sep 2008

    Looks like there is in the air.
    Congrats to Mel and Mrz. Suck a wonderful peice of news for you both.

    Next month brings good news for more lovely people (me included )

    ATM I hate pills, I have a headach and feel mega *****y. But all for a good cause.

    Went to a baby shower on the weekend for a lady 40's who has 5 weeks to go after 3 years TTC with Donar. Really happy for her so nice to see the good outcomes.

    Happy Monday

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    Apr 2009
    central coast

    Wow there are a lot of ladies on this thread now i'm still getting the hang of it but i would love to reply to all.
    susie t just wanted to say welcome i'm new here to and i know how you feel all i think about is getting pregnant to i have my daughters nusery still all set up i hav'nt put anything away as it makes me feel there will be a baby in there soon.
    Anyway my AF has settled down over night more normal now but usually would be almost finished by now
    mel1979 and mrzbaby
    To everyone else thanks for listening and i look forward to our journey together i hope they are short and we all get our soon:

    Abbi 20/3/09 19w5d

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    Mar 2009
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    Jen, Jen!! I did it! My chart is there for your viewing!! xxoo

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    Aug 2008
    Cairns QLD

    BIG Congratulations to you Mrzbaby thats fantastic news, I know its hard but try not to stress, keep calm and relax and try and enjoy the next 9months, its just great news!!!

    to the newbies Sparkles, Sally, Ferrals and LuLu so sorry you had to join this forum, especially (was it Ferrals?) losing a baby at 19wks I really do feel for you and hope that this year brings lots of BFP's for you all. I too had 3 miscarriages one after the other because of a underactive Thyroid which Im taking medication for now, and I was so lucky to fall 3 times in 4 months that now that Im managing my Thyroid problem its now not that easy

    Greenslw - did your friend have donor eggs or donor sperm? friend of mine early last year had donor eggs implanted and they both took, they used a donor from spain and she had twins early this year she also turned 40 a few weeks after their delivery! the miracles of modern science hey! my DH is just not into that nor into surrogacy, he asked me about that and said he would not be comfortable in doing that should we not be able to concieve naturally or via IVF. Lets hope the egg takes next month!

    Welcome back JackJack very unfortunate what your sister is going through I hope that all sorts itself out for the better. Big hugs to you

    Mel - how you feeling? try not to worry too much, I know I know easier said then done, been there too many times myself, Im praying for you darls and know this is def a sticky one!

    Jen - do you think you may have blocked tubes?? there is a investigative procedure that doctors can do to check the tubes, I think its a dye that they run through the tubes so they can see it via a screen?? my girlfriend had it done in January and all came out clear. Goodluck at your docs appt.

    Shortcake - ARGH!! the WITCH Im waiting for her arrival over the next four days as I did a test and got another big FAT BFN! its just soo demoralising, you just keep questiong yourself and analysing your chart non stop, and asking yourself, should we have DTD more times than what we did??? maybe the Oraxcin is affecting my chances of falling pregnant??? etc etc anyway I'll stop ranting but what I thought would be easy for us is now becoming harder and harder maybe its just my age and my weight!

    Goodluck for next month ladies who have AF at the moment and lots of to all those UTD! and for those who are in their TWW I wish you lots of luck and pray that you get your BFP at the end of it!

    well I'd better get back to work as Im supposed to being working and instead Im on BB!!! naughty naughty!

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    Oct 2005
    A Nestle Free Zone... What about YOU?

    Time for a new thread my loves. You will find it HERE

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