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Thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ July 2010

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    Default I'm new.

    Hello Ladies,

    I'm a newbie here. Just reading your posts has given me hope. Its amazing how much you have all been through and how strong you are to keep ttc. Its truely inspiring.

    I'm finding things a little tough atm. My sis in law is 3 weeks ahead of what I should be, so watching her pregnancy progress smoothly is a little tough. I'm stoked for her, but yeah... it makes me cry sometimes... and then I feel silly

    Also, 3 of my friends have just announced pregnancies and my two best friends have just delivered healthy babies. Its wonderful. But I'm struggling a little on the inside... that's why I'm here. I don't want to keep dumping my misery on my hubbie.

    We've started trying again. And I think I'm ovulating (so hard to tell with me)... so I guess I might have to go to bed soon ha-ha.

    I hope to get to know you all a little better in the near future. Thank you in advance for your support.

    to you all.

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    Default Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ July 2010

    Forshelby: I think I'm CD19 that's from counting last AF as CD1, is that right? I have a very regular 28 day cycle. I also have had a drooly mouth today (you know what you get when you're about to throw up!? Haha).. I think I will test next Tuesday which is the morning of my gynie appointment. About your crampiness.. I had that with my pg with DS, I also had the disappearing symptoms, and Archie is 8 months old now and very healthy!!

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    hello lil'J welcome... and hope your stay here is short

    I understand. I put alot of emotion on my poor hubby when I MC and it has been great here w all the encouragement from the other girls.
    Hope that this is THE cycle for you!

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    Default Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ July 2010

    Sorry about my 'me' post before.. I am on my phone but will come back tomorrow and be less selfish!! Welcome lil'J!

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    Hi Possum,

    Reet, I gave it a good shot. I O on CD19 and we DTD CD17 CD19 and CD20. Will wait and see. I dont have a good feeling about it this month tho but I am going to and be positive that if its not this month then it will be the next....or so on!!

    I have however been feeling icky and nauseous for the past 2 days 2DPO and 3DPO and today I feel much the same. I am crampy/bloated or something and I feel (tmi) gassy to do with the bloated/crampy...odd. Also I 'think' I have a yucky taste in my mouth today....not sure if I have or not I will brush my teeth and see if I feel better.
    My temp has risen again today.... my temps since O have been 36.54 36.44 36.44 and today 36.57. Pre O they were consistently 36.2 to 36.27.

    Hmmmmm enough about me....

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    Forshelby-- I do have a clothes dryer as well but yesterday was a lazy day for me and just couldnt be bothered washing and using the dryer as your chin up and stay positive with your PG I'm sure everything is moving along greatly for you...I can't beleive a ****roach made you sick....I'm sorry, but that is
    Reet- I'm not sure but I don't think I have laid that egg as yet thinking it may happen tomorrow I usually get cramps when I O and haven't had them as yet and I still have a fair bit of CM happening as well, sorry if TMI but feeling pretty wet and slippery down there and I'm always dry right after I O, didn't do any bding last night but going to get to it again tonight.
    lil'J- Welcome and I hope your stay in here is short. So sorry for your loss darl it's a tragic thing to go through and we all understand how you feel about seeing your rellies and friends PG. I was the same as happy as I was for both my neices to be having healthy PGs and bubs I still thought to myself life's so unfair. But darl it does get easier and we all find the strength to carry on. It's great having a place like BB where you can get your emotions out there and get some great advice as well.
    AFM- Well don't think I have laid that egg just yet still have a bit of CM going on and I'm always dry after I O, so back the bedroom tonight for us. Feeling pretty crappy today though headache, sore throat and feeling really tired. But we shall see what happens....So I guess I'm playing the fun game of pateince, I just wish I had some for this sort of

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    Hello ladies..

    Its so hard trying to catch up on all these posts...i get lost LOL so i check on my work computer rather then my phone..

    I hope all you ladies are doing well

    You have probably seen my other posts...

    I have had my check up at the dr's after my D&C and he said this is the bets time to fall pregnant..and a girl who had a D&C 3 weeks before me just called up and said she was five weeks....

    Im not sure when i will ovulate..i keep getting lines for the last 3 days but they are still not darker than the control line...we trying husband is starting to complain how much LOL have you ever heard that before LOL LOL.....

    Hopefully i will o soon if i havent already...

    Least i am actually getting excited and thinking about positive things and my mind is being distracted from the last few weeks....its still there but i feel a tiny bit better.....


    the wait feels like months....

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    Melster - oh all these men!! complain where there is not enough, complain when there is too much?!! Haahaaa!!

    Clairesmummy - good luck.... lost of baby dust your way.

    Mum22 - that's the advise I had from my OB. DB between 10cd to 20cd every 2nd night - I know, it is physically challenging!

    AFM - still no AF. It is officially 6 days late. Still have sore BB periodically taking their turns on each side. Will NOT POAS until tomorrow when AF is 7 days late... have too many heart broken BFN with 1 line... on that evil 1 line keep poping up. Try to stay positive and keep in good mood. Dog sitting for my parents and surely is a good thing to keep my mind off. At the moment the pug is head-butting me for attention....... should take him for a walk before it rains again... oh what gloomy weather?!

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    Stoked ~ GL in TWW, FX for you! I think watery CM is a good sign of pg after O'ing - sticky I believe is not good but I wouldnt really rely on CM as an indicator as it varies so much between people and cycles. Most reliable is probably just a test when AF due. Hoping a BFP is coming your way though!

    Clairesmummy ~ Thanks heaps - certainly got to let my hair down and have fun. Im sending you lots of patience... LOL. Have fun BD'ing and GL

    Kellbell ~ Great temps you've been getting, FX tight for you!

    Mum22 ~ See above what I said for Stoked. Its just I got my hopes up last couple of cycle when I had extra CM which ended in BFN's. Dont wanna see you guys miserable if the same thing happens. That's not to say that it will as everyone is different. And your temps sound good. GL and FX

    Ajello ~ GL and FX for you!

    Possum ~ Hoping your HCG drops to 0 over the coming days and it will be great if they can work out why you might be having the m/c's. GL hun - big hugs

    Dory ~ Unfortunately once we paid out the tractor loan (huge weight off mind you) we only had about $8,000 which went to paying off bills and debts. We have only about $1,000 of that left which we will be keeping for the IVF. Because we dont have as many expenses now we should be right to save the rest for Oct. Im getting pretty excited - thanks heaps for asking. I guess that's why im feeling positive and happy. How are things with you - going well I hope? xo

    Forshelby ~ LOL - I did have a ball at the ball! Must be hard not to stress, GL I hope you can start relaxing a bit more soon. As you say its probably just growing and stretching pains - I hear and read a lot of preg woman get them. MS not so good but I guess at least you know you are pg that way. xo

    Reet ~ thanks hun Lets both be one to get BFP's very soon yes. I understand how you feel - im hoping its just too early for you to have any signs yet, FX for a BFP!

    lil'J ~ Hi and welcome. GL this cycle and sorry for the losses of your lil baby angels - hug

    Melster ~ Hi and welcome to you 2. Wishing you all the best! Enjoy the trying part

    AFM ~ yes getting excited for IVF/ICSI in Oct - doing antagonist cycle this time as hoping to finally get some to freeze as well as maybe a couple to transfer this time. In the mean time - still TTC naturally. I have my ups and downs as so many of my friends and family seem to be getting pregnant. Hopefully my turn is just around the corner.

    Sending lots of to everyone xo

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    So Sorry I have been MIA!!!

    I tested.........and got a I am so very very excited and petrified at the same time!

    Thank you all for asking after me!!! It means so much xxx

    Kellbell test.....get your DH to read the test that way you dont have to look at it! xxx
    Reet - I cant wait for your news!!!
    Lil'j and Melster, Welcome hope your stay here is short!
    Dory - hope you are well hun and relaxing xxx
    Loops - Good luck with this antagonist cycle, hope you have lots and lots of embies!
    Matthewsmum - How are you doing hun? still lurking?
    mum22 - DTD every 2nd night hun! It is worth it! your DH will be happy man hehe
    Clairesmummy - I hope you get some energy soon! xxx
    Forshelby - When is your last day??

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    Bons, we did as O approached but then I had to be careful because he woud crack it if I said in a row now cos the +OPK gotta be careful not to push my luck...
    And after O I'm pretty much over it all and want a wee little break from it!!

    : I just re read that message bons as I just scan the messages sometime to make sure I have replied to everyone and not ignoring any questions...
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    Bons.....!!!! WooooooWWW


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    OMG OMG Bons - congratulations sweety so happy for you. Now rest up and lil that lil bubba stick

    forshelby - I tried to pm you but ur box is full

    will be back later for persies

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    Bons ~ Big CONGRATS hun!! So All the best for the next 9 or so months - hope it all goes smoothly xo Hope you can relax into it xo

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    CONGRATS BONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a beautiful happy and healthy Nine months

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    oh bons congratulations

    i knew there was someone here with a bfp

    hope everything goes smoothly for you

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    Reet - LOL, yes I normally find ****roaches gag-worthy.... but this one just totally set me off. Just thinking about it gives me the jibblies. You won't still be in here when my bubby is born, because you're going to get your bfp this cycle, remember? Don't make a liar out of me, LOL.. no pressure!! You can do this. And when it does happen, it'll be the greatest thrill of your life, I'm sure. I'll be here to congratulate you, too. I had a pretty sore back today but it's subsided now. I think you're right and it is just bubby growing big and strong. It must be so hard playing the waiting game for so long, if I could sprinkle some 'quick ttc luck dust' over you I would. I'm going to have a chat with the universe tonight and demand that they give you your baby!! It's going to happen, dangit!!! Hang in there, hun. I didn't feel all that different either when I got my bfp, and still don't feel tremendously different now. I get feelings here and there, and it's mostly the gagginess/nausea that reminds me there's a bubby in there. Stay strong!

    Possum - I have to agree with you there, time flies for you guys while it drags for me. And TTC time seemed so much longer than pg time for me.... *sigh*. I hope this whole ordeal is over soon and you have your baby in your arms in 2011.

    Lil'J - Welcome to the thread! I'm sure we can all relate to the difficulties of watching others progress happily with their pgs while we mourn. It's normal and OK to feel crap about it sometimes. Don't beat yourself up about it. A friend of mine was 5wks ahead of me when I mc'd, and every time I see her little boy I think of how old mine would be right now. It was hard at first, but has gotten easier as time went on. I hope your TTC journey is a speedy one, best of luck for this cycle!

    Stoked - The first day of af is counted as day 1. First day of 'full flow', that is. I know what the drooly mouth is like, lol.. I have it on and off even when I'm not about to throw up. Thanks for the reassurance, though. I'm just staying positive and reminding myself that no blood means no problem, as far as I know. Worrying won't change the outcome, so all I can do is keep my FX and look forward to my next scan in early September.

    Mum22 - If memory serves, 3 days of a sustained temp shift means you definitely O'ed. Judging by the timing of your bd, I don't see why you aren't in with a great shot this month!

    Clairesmummy - thanks for the encouragement. I'm surprised so many of you find it shocking that a ****roach would make me sick. The way they look... and the germs that must be on them.. oh GOD! LOL.... Especially because it was in the kitchen, it just sent me right over the edge. That's where the food is! Ewwwww.... I am no good at fighting ****roaches and large spiders. I tend to squeal and hide. If DP isn't home, I do my best to corner them, trap them, and leave it for him to sort out when he gets home. LOL... he hates that, but I just can't handle them. Glad you got a laugh out of it though, LOL. Sorry you aren't feeling great, but you know some people say an orgasm can be great for a headache. I find the last thing I want when my head is pounding is further pounding from the other end. LOL Good luck with it though, I say get your groove on if you can!

    Melster - Did I miss something? Sorry if I'm having an attack of pg brain right now, but welcome to the thread! Apparently elevated hormones after a loss can enhance your fertility, so go for it! My OPK lines were rarely quite as dark as the control line, but it turns out I must have o'ed at least once... cast your eyes to my ticker for the explaination, LOL. I hope this is your month, and I'm so sorry you had to experience the heartache of a loss. Oh and yes, my DP wasn't a fan of the bd on demand, but hey.... they know how it works, and what has to be done to get that bubby in there!

    Ajello - Wow you sure are late... Can't wait to hear your BFP announcement tomorrow. That's how positive I'm feeling for you. FX!!

    Loops - Your turn is just around the corner! I'm excited for your IVF/ICSI too, can't wait to hear your announcement. It won't be long now, hun, stay strong!

    Bons - OMG OMG OMG!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I nearly jumped up and did a little dance for you just then, but DP might think I've lost it if I do. But I'm dancing on the inside! When are you going to see your doc and get the ball rolling?!!! My last day at work is not this friday but the next. Can't wait for it to be over after a particularly crummy day today. Will explain below.

    Iona - Emptying my inbox now! Try try again

    AFM, Had a really hard day at work today, doing 3 people's work and watching that cow saunter around without a care in the world, not helping in the least, as usual. I did get the last laugh, however, as she had the hide to ask me to stay back after work and help her decorate for the boss's birthday tomorrow. I truly relished putting her in her place. "Like **** I'm going to stay back and help you decorate! You didn't help me in the slightest today, why would I want to help you?" She then asked me if I could at least blow up some balloons. "I've had a blasting headache all day. NO I'm not blowing up your damn balloons" Then I grabbed my purse, and casually strolled out of the office, leaving her behind. The look on her face was PRICELESS!!!!!! Oh goodness me it was so theraputic to finally stick it to her. I was shocked she would even ask me that. She's truly oblivious to how disliked she is. BAH! My other co-worker also told her to shove her decorations. LOL.... maybe one day she'll learn not to be such a selfish cow, and people might be more willing to help her. She'll probably have a whinge to the boss about it tomorrow, but what are they going to do? Punish me for not staying back without pay to blow up some pathetic balloons? OH PLEASE.... whatever. I'm still enjoying that stunned mullet look she gave me.

    That was totally off topic, but it was so awesome I had to share it with you all.. LOL. I hope everyone is getting closer to their dreams!

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    forshelby - go on girl!!! no stress during pg = no blowing balloons for ppl you don't like!! :P Keep the spirit!!

    BB really sore. Ran out of soft bras (blame it on bad weather) and gone back to underwire... spent most of the day hunching and pulling the cups away whenever pain strike. DH thinks that I am just being tooooooo optimistic+over analytical and over fantisying and may be after MC it has upset all my cycle and cycle symptons.... then this will be crap for I never have PMS and only have cramps on the CD1 and seriously sore BB will be a very very unwelcome side effect of after MC- consider my first AF after MC was very normal, just a bit funny feeling avro before AF and a bit cramps on CD1 of AF.

    oh well... if this sore BB is going to pop up as my monthly PMS- well then, I will just have to change all my bras!! Shopping, here I come! (TTW has drove me crazy girls!)

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