thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ March 2009

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    Hey all,

    So much to catch up on, which I'll do later as I am waiting for a furniture guy to come look at the furniture I bought & they delivered Monday - I am not happy with one of the legs on the cabinet, anyway he was suppose to be here by now....

    I have a question - I had O like pains on Monday, but we didn't dtd b/c we dtd on Sunday. Yesterday I had a tiny amount of ewcm & we dtd but today I have O like pains but on the opposite side. Do you think I O? Should I dtd tonight to be sure? I am soooo confused and over dtd atm!

    A small vent from me - another person I know is pg & I had a winge to dh about the medicine I am taking from the naturopath b/c it is so much & he said that there is probably nothing wrong with me & to stop going to the naturopath. WT? I can't even express how his comment had made me feel.... Anyway, be back later

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    RhiChi: God I know how those comments slap you in the face. Im sorry to hear that!

    Cherished1: My first week at work was a total night mare. It does get better and you are more than within your rights to be cranky about having to explain. Its horrible and you'll be ok.

    Meh: Hey love, congratulations on the house! That's great! We just sold our house in Mackay, cant wait to be back on just one mortgage again! DS will need some sedation hehe wear him out by making him run around or help you pack or something hehe Cutie!! Good luck on the TWW!!!

    The boys just dont get it. I was telling DH about the small window for conception and he didnt belive me lol He said "yeah but you can have sex at other times too, and you can get pregnant anytime cant you?" and I laughed and said "it's been 18 months...dont you think (miscarriage aside) we would have gotten there by now if that was the case??" Couldnt belive it! lol

    Also i think he is going away during my window..not entirely sure but I think Im going to have to get onto the BD every second day thing. That's how is happened last time!

    Hope you all are having a good day!
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    So had the cvs testing and scan today - The baby jus looked soooo perfect, it was wriggling, turning anf moving around and stretching out its legs and waving its arm - we could even see its individual fingers! so the measurement for the skin thickness behind the neck is still abnormal (3mm) and still a lot of fluid, though she said in proportion to the size of the baby its not as much as 9 1/2 weeks. I will find out some results hopefully in 2 days ( common chromosonal disorders) and 2 weeks till I know the final results - so just back to the waiting game....
    Thanks for thinking of me and supporting me guys, it really means everything to me as I dont want to tell anyone on the outside world yet in case we lose this one!

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    mid north coast, nsw

    hi here lurking and reading your updates and send you my best and so hope that you all reach that BFP very soon

    erybery- thinking of you at this time of awful limbo and waiting. i so hope for a positive outcome

    amf- i think i am about to ovulate, so pretty soon another TWW for me.
    Also results are in from my blood tests for recurrent miscarriage. Apparently something is 'not normal' so we are going to see our FS in Newcastle on friday to find out what the go is and what the tests have revealed. I am both hopeful it will be something with an easy fix, and nervous about what is wrong.

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    Hi everyone

    Just popping in tosay hi. I hope you are all keeping well and I am praying you get your BFP's soon.

    I have had my 12 week scan and we got good results. They came with very low risk so we are really happy. Next scan on 17th April. We are still not sure if we want to know the sex this time around but we will see when the time comes.

    Welcome to all the new ladies - you have found the best forum in the world!!!!

    Take care everyone


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    erybery - the CVS results come back normal.

    possums - Goodluck with the FS on Friday. I hope you finally get some answers and that it is something simple to treat.

    Theresa - I'm so glad your 12 week scan went well Thanks for keeping us updated. Phew! First trimester over already!

    issy - Congratulations on your little boy

    Mel - I'm so glad you had a good time away. Although, I am sorry AF showed up. She was already late, why couldn't she wait another couple of days? Well, at least you can start another cycle.

    jen - especially for my "big" sister. I want to hear about you too.

    to everyone else. Sorry for not being more thorough with the persies. There's so much to catch up on and I don't have the energy at the moment. But I do try to check in and read. I'm thinking of you all.

    AFM - The Zoloft is still knocking me around a fair bit. I feel dizzy and tired and yesterday started having blurred vision every once in a while. Its not serious, just annoying when I work on a computer all day. Yesterday I worked a grand total of 2 hours before I had to ring DH to pick me up. I'm back to the GP next week. Hopefully the side effects should subside by then.

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    just a quick note for now.
    last night I had sooo many dreams where I poas and got a bfp... and i kept waking up with my hand on my stomach... so i thought maybe it was a sign and this morning I poas for real.. bfn - i am sooo disappointed. I guess body and mind are not in sync this time

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm not having such a great day, feel really depressed and kinda lost I really want to exercise but I can't and I feel so yucky inside and out. I wish I could turn it around but I have been trying all day and am so sad.

    There was such a beautiful 7 month old baby at work today and he crawled over to me and climbed up on my knees to stand up and smiled.... God I just melted, I wish I could run away

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    Cherished... i know EXACTLY how you feel hun (except the exercise bit - i lack motivation lol)

    I am having one of those days/weeks also! Yesterday I had a little boy stop outside my work and he was pushing a pram (his mum was walking a head of him holding a baby) and he stopped and said to me "I have a brand new little sister" and it was the most GORGEOUS thing I have ever seen! he was all of 3 this little one. It is soooo hard.. and today I have spent most of the way fighting back tears anyway, just wanted to let you know there is another person out there feeling the same as you.. maybe we can have a cry together xx

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    Issy - Congratulations - a little prince!

    Coco - I don't know how to bring on af, most of the time I am trying to hide from her! I hear ya about those stories, sick to death of them. I also hate the ones where you have pg friends who crap on about how tired they are & they should have waited til their other child was a bit older or the ones that had a m/c & fell pg the next mth & didn't think it would happen so soon.... yadda yadda. Over it! Just shut up already.....! Also, I can't beleive your Dr's phone call - makes me think how did she become a Dr?! & yeah, men are totally clueless at times!

    MO3B - I will make a mental note not to let dd play with lego!

    erybery - Those scans are amazing huh! Sorry you are playing the waiting game though. Praying all is ok in a couple of weeks.

    Possums - I hope there is nothing major to worry about and they can give you something to assist in making the babies stick.

    Zachary's mum - Glad to hear all is ok

    Hannah - Sorry to hear you are not too well on the meds.

    boble - 'sad face'. Maybe not in sync this time, but maybe mind & body are trying to. I'll hang onto the maybe baby for you (just in case). Good idea about checking if the tests can be done close to home, although you could make the trip to Sydney plus a holiday?!

    Mel - Have you thought about getting some vitamins from the health shop to try to bring down your stress levels? I know I used to take vitamin B - but not sure if you can whilst ttc/pg.

    mrzbaby - Yay on the new car purchase! Sending you af vibes + some more (no af for me please)!

    Sally - Sounds like accupuncture & you are made for each other.

    Cherished - Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. Must be hard when you can't avoid babies & children. I guess I am somewhat fortuante that I am only surrounded by adults. I don't understand why people have to ask if/when are you going to have kids/more kids. Some one at work asked if we were going to have another - she doesn't know me well, so I was ok with her asking and I just smiled and said yes, we would love to add to our family and left it at that. Thank goodness I didn't break down.

    Meh - Congratulations on the house purchase! You don't sound ungreatful, awful or self-indulgent. Wanting to have a baby is none of those things.

    Well, it seems like we all need a group hug. I have to say I don't think I have ever been tested emotionally as much as when ttc. I hope that we all are not here for much longer and get to have our babies very very soon.

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    Hi ladies, I wont do indiviual personals because there are quiet a few of us that are going through baaad times right now. I totally understand and I know it isnt a good thing but its great to know others can sympathise and that we are all real people in this world going through something very difficult. Its ok to feel sad..

    AFM: I am running away. Yes..I am leaving tomorrow morning for Tweed Heads for a week or so. I need to get away and my boss instead of giving me the tue/wed next week I asked for, has given me from tonight until 7th april off to work through everything so I called Nanny & Poppy and said "how do you feel about me being there tomorrow night?"

    I cant wait to escape, its a long drive (10 hours) but I soooo need the alone time right now.

    Hoping Ill be able to get wireless up there but if not Ill try and find a place because Im taking my laptop. I cant bear to be away from you all!

    Love you all lots and praying for positive outcomes to everyones personal herdles.

    Eliza/Coco (Ps..Coco is my cats name, she is a purebred sealpoint ragdoll, 4 on November 19th, she is one of my furbabies)

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    Thanks for all your support everyone. Feeling a little better today

    Coco - I hope the time away helps you find the strength to continue on the TTC journey. We all know how hard it is and I you get your forever baby soon. Drive carefully

    HannahD - Hope the side effects subside soon and you start feeling the benefits of the meds.

    rhi - right back at ya!

    boble - Hope it was too soon to test.

    cherished - Not sure what to say, we know the heartache that is part of this journey. We are all here for you

    Theresa - Wow, congrats on the great scan results. So happy to hear it is all going well.

    erybery - for you sweetie. I hope all the test results come back clear and your little bub is healthy and growing well.

    possums - I know you must be scared but at least if they have found a reason it could be easy to fix so your next bub will be a sticky one! They found a reason for the trouble we have been having and were able to fix it, it was such a relief. Good luck with the results

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    No time for persies but I want you all to know I am reading everything and you all deserve a big ! I got my results back from my BT they said my thyroid is normal so I'm still stuck with no answers. I think now I'm just going to wait until I go back to my OB on April 10th....! I'm just so frustrated right now!

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    I know, I know.... I never came back yesterday to finish persies! *blushing* I'm sorry--I feel like such a slacker! Will try to make up for it today!

    Sally--Sounds like you had a busy day yesterday! Glad to hear you're enjoying the acupuncture! *hugs*

    Rhi--The TTC journey is definitely a windy, bumpy, pot-hole filled road full of in's and outs, ups and downs, twists and turns.... it's emotionally exhausting and someone once said it perfectly--soul destroying. Remember that what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger! As far as O goes, if in doubt, keep on BD'ing!

    mollycat--Well, since no one else has offered, I'll make the next cake! This will be my first! Mine's a fave that my mom always used to make.... Pineapple cheesecake! It's the most scrum-diddliest cheesecake you'll ever taste..... crushed pineapple mixed with cream cheese, flaky graham cracker crust.... can you taste it? Mmmmmmm! Enjoy--but hey, remember that most of you are all 16 hours ahead of me.... you're busy sleeping right now.... and this cheesecake is looking mighty fine! I'm pretty hungry, too! Better hurry before my "greedy guts" gets it all!

    mrzbaby--Sending lots of AF vibes your way! Please, take them.... really.... here,ALL of them--I don't want them! Glad to hear that you're enjoying the acupuncture! I really hope you find it to be beneficial! I remember when I first joined this group, I was shocked to discover about charting, temping, CM, and CP! I never realized the process our bodies go through every month, and the things women do to try to figure out what's going on inside them! It's actually quite interesting after several months, you can really see the pattern in your cycles, and get to know your body quite well.

    coco--I hope you enjoy your alone time away! I hope the space gives you the relief you're seeking! I have to admit I'm glad you'll be taking your laptop so you can keep us posted on how you're going! Drive safe! *hugs*

    cherished--Sorry to hear you had a rough day! I saw the most beautiful baby girl this morning at the school.... she had to have only been about 5 or 6 months old.... she had the cutest little chipmunk cheeks, and she had a grip on my finger.... I even got her to smile! I couldn't resist smelling her hand.... and her skin was so soft! *long sigh* I was thinking of just snatching her and running like hell.... but [email protected] knows where I work and live! 'doh!

    I also had a little bittersweet moment with one of the little girls at the school that used to be in DS's class last year. Her mom was pg when I was, and I think we were due about the same time. I remember feeling some bitterness after my m/c... you all know, the "why does she still get to be pg, and not me?" bit... anyhow, maybe 2 wks. after my m/c the little girl walked up to me and told me that her mom's baby died, too. I remember feeling like such a *****.... Anyhow, last week this same little girl walked up to me and told me that her twin brothers were born.... I hadn't even realized that her mom was pg again. Another *long sigh*...... after more than a year, it's still a struggle sometimes! Sorry to go on about me... just wanted you to know you're not alone, and I feel your pain! *hugs*

    meh--You do NOT sound like an ungrateful cow, awful, or self-indulgent! You sound like someone who's aware of and thankful for all her blessings, and are simply very dedicated in your desire to feel the completeness of adding to your family! There's nothing shameful in that! Big *hugs* Congrats on your new house!

    erybery--How terrible this time of limbo has to be for you! You and your little one are in my thoughts and prayers--I hope you get some promising results!

    Possums--Best of luck with your FS appt on Fri. I hope you get some answers from your test results! *hugs*

    Theresa--Congrats on a great 12 wk scan!

    Hannah--Hey 'lil sis and cycle bud! back atcha! Saying lots of prayers that you begin to feel some of the good effects of the meds soon!

    boble--Sorry to hear about your BFN, it was just too early to test!

    Big *hugs* for Smelly Mel Glad to hear yesterday was a better day--hope today shows promise for even more improvement!

    Shortcake--Sorry you're so frustrated! *hugs* I remember feeling the same way after my thyroid tests came back normal.... it seemed like it would be such a quick-fix problem! Makes you feel like you're back at square one.... Can you get on a cancellation list so that maybe you can get in a little sooner? Give it a shot--you never know, you could get a call tomorrow!

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    Oops, after all that I almost forgot about me! Yes, Mel, you're right--you've had words with me about this before!

    So..... really I just don't post too much about me, because while my life always seems really busy, it's kinda like same ***** different day..... so it's actually pretty boring and seems like there's never much variance from day to day! I did, however, have a slight temp drop yesterday, and a nice high temp this morning.... would love to think that it's an implantation dip, but I've noticed this trend on my charts before without the expected outcome, so I'm not looking into it AT ALL!

    Ok, my lovely ladies, short but sweet! I have to get in the shower--today is minimum day, so have to be at the school by 11:30 to make/bag popcorn and sell Smencils before DS gets out at 12:20. Will be back later for more persies for those of you that I missed!

    Super duper big for my Friday girls! you all!!!!

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    Hey Jen - You just had to do it - didn't you. You know how much I can't resist cheesecake. Good this one's a cyber cake and very low cal. Won't hurt my diet at all (I was actually awake while you were baking it - looking at the time of your post - I almost got up, had a few hours awake last night - maybe I should have)

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    Good morning ladies..

    We got our results back yesterday.
    It was a beautiful baby girl .
    Other then that all else was to be expected, not genetic, freak abnormality, chances of it happening to me again are the same as it happening in the first place, insanely almost impossible (YET it did....)

    So today at the service our baby, Lilly, will be acknowledge and now we can start calling her by her name.

    Thought I would feel better but I dont.
    Want if this was the only daughter I was going to be able to love? Silly I know, would be hard regardless of wether it was a girl or boy but I have always dreamed Id have a girl and maybe I did but I never get to hold it.

    Sorry its a depressing message, just so torn now.

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    Oh, Sally..... My heart breaks for you! Lilly is such a beautiful name! I'm glad you got your results in time to properly acknowledge her by name at the service--it's truly an honorable way to pay tribute to your angel! Big

    mollycat--You know I had to do it--it's my fave, too! Besides, cyber cakes are always low-cal and guilt free! Aww, you should've gotten up--you could've helped me with the cheesecake!

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