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Thread: TTC after MC in early June 2010

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    Default TTC after MC in early June 2010

    i was going through a very tough time at work and have just resigned when i got a BFP. It was like a great joy after months of unhappiness with my job. But the joy was shortlived as I have a MC at 7 weeks. I had a DnC 5 days after I was at the Doc's clinic finding out that there was no heartbeat.

    For awhile I would just cry whenever I saw a baby or a woman with a bump.... I switched channels on TV, turned my head away.... but where ever I went, I always saw something to remind me of the whole ordeal. The Doc has told me repeatedly that it was not my fault... but I couldn't help to think about what I have done to have caused it everytime when I lied awake in the middle of the night. I have shut myself out from my friends since most of them have kids.... and I couldn't bare the sight of kid.

    But now I think I am better... after the 6 week checkup. The Doc saw me looking so depressed that he looked at me in the eye and told me again... "IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT" he stopped and looked straight towards me. Somehow, this time it was very assuring and I felt hopeful... we are again TTC.... hopefully soon... hopefully very soon...

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    sorry to hear about your loss.

    Sometimes these things hit us when we can least deal with it but deal with it we still try. It is very true that it is not your fault and your Doc sounds great for seeing your pain and trying to help you with it

    I hope your sticky bubby comes swiftly

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    Come and join us in the TTC after m/c and loss thread. We can all try and help each other to get thru this and bring our much wanted babies home. xx

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    Thanks. I have been great to see the support the ppl are giving in this forum.

    You guys have been really nice and understanding. I think the most important I've learned from here is that MC has happened to alot of us. But it doesn't stop us from trying and it doesn't kill our desire to build our families.

    Ladies, your replies to my thread have really brightened up my day. So now, I am going to reward myself with some ice-cream for staying positive for another day!

    Thanks. Hoepfully I'll have a BFP sooooooon.

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    AJello, I know all about the 'what if's'. I spent a good couple of years wondering what I might have done to cause my mc. I feel your pain. Your doctor was right to tell you it's not your fault, BECAUSE IT'S NOT. These things sadly just happen, and there is nothing we can do to change it. Nature is cruel, but it seems to be nature's way of sparing our little ones the fate they may have suffered had the pg continued. I know that doesn't help at all, but it's just how it is.

    I agree with Reet, please join us in the TTC after mc thread. It's somewhere you can belong, and those women are just fantastic. I feel like a broken down record sometimes saying that, but it's so true. I couldn't have come so far without them, and they are my girls.

    I found that my mc didn't make me shy away from the idea of TTC, in fact, it lit a fire inside that I just couldn't put out. After the mc, I felt am emptiness so deep that nothing could fill it. I honestly think that what happened to me, had to happen to make me realise how much I wanted to be a mum. It was an awakening for me, and gave me the desire and the courage to try again. We didn't TTC for a long time afterwards, but DP eventually decided he wanted to have a family. So here we are.

    Enough about me though, lol... I just wanted to invite you to join our thread. You'll wonder what you ever did without those girls.

    And enjoy your icecream!!!

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