thread: TTC after recurrent M/C

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    Post TTC after recurrent M/C

    Hi. I?m hoping to chat to people who are or have been in the same situation as me. I don?t know anyone that has had trouble conceiving or that have suffered m/c so I have no one to talk to about it so I?m so glad I found this site.
    Feeling more hopeful since reading other posts on here. A lot of strong and courageous people on here.

    TTC for 9months
    2m/c at 6wks and 1m/c at 8wks, 2 of which were missed m/c requiring d&c
    DP and I have been together for 2yrs.
    Had numerous tests done by GP and all came back normal now specialists says I need to suffer a 4th m/c before he will investigate further.
    Every month I?ll think I feel something and will get all excited only for AF to arrive arghhh so frustrating.


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    Hi Mandy
    I am so sorry to hear about your losses.

    I know it is not an nice thing to say but what the FS said is right as he needs to do tests while your preg to see if it is a hormone prob that is the cause.

    Once your pregnant the FS will keep a very close eye on you.

    I hope to see a BFP soon and that it ends with a healthy bundle of love.
    Take care

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    Mandy - I am so, so sorry for the loss of your 3 special angels. m/c is horrific and only gets worse the more you have.
    I have both difficulty concieving ( ovulation disorder) plus a loooooong hx of m/c ( 7 baby angels to date) so I truly know how you feel
    I would NOT stand at all for a lack of testing because you've "only" had 3 losses. My FS was happy to do all the standard recurrent m/c tests ( including karyotyping on DH and I) on me after 2 losses. Nothing showed up on the tests but at least we had done them. I was fortunate to carry the next pg to term and deliver my precious DS. Since him, I have lost a further 5 babies. One was confirmed to have trisomy 15 but all the rest "unexplained". I did pursue further testing by a specialist in Sydney late last yr which did show high levels of NK cells so am on prednisolone treatment this pg. This is an IVF pg which was twins but i sadly lost my 7th angel 1.5wks at 8wks ( after seeing him/her alive and well only earlier that day).
    Not sure if the treatment is helping the other twin hang on or just a really, really tough baby.
    Bottom line,,, you CAN have a successful pg even after many losses BUT, there are plenty of conditions that may require treatment to help you get there.
    I would either push your Dr harder or find another one. You should not have to suffer another loss to be taken seriously.
    BTW, have you have any of your babies tested for chromosome disorders? Is not a standard test done on "products" after a D&C but is invaluable in trying to determine cause of m/c.
    Please PM me if you w]ant anymore info and stick with BB, It will provide you with a wealth of knowledge as well as endless support from women who know what you are going through

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    I had 3 losses & lots of testing including karyotyping but nothing was found to be amiss. The very next pregnancy stuck & it continued on without the help of medication. My son is now 9 months old. I guess what I'm saying here is sometimes they can't give you a reason for m/c but it does not mean you wont hold a bub in your arms one day.

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    Thanks to everyone for your replies and your kind words. I'm sorry to hear about your losses but I am also grateful that you shared your stories with me. It has given me new hope.
    Dp and i were going to give pg 1 more try and if it ended in mc I wasn't going to try again because it was to hearbreaking and I thought that I would never be able to carry a baby to term but since reading your replies I have found out that unexplained mc does not mean you cant have a baby.

    DP and I are seeking another specialist because we feel that ours was not very helpful to us and did not deal with our situation properly IYKWIM. He does not want to monitor me thru my nxt pg and does not want to see me again or take futher action until a 4th mc. My Gp is the person who has done evrything.
    My GP has played a very important part through all of this. He is the person who took the mc seriously, did all testing and advised me on what to do before falling pg again and what could have caused the mcs.
    My Gp did send away the "products" but nothing came back out of the ordinary so he is the one that will be closely monitoring my nxt pg.

    Would some one please be able to tell me how I PM and use the smilies?

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    I wish you luck and urge you to definately find a specialist you are happy's so important..there are a range of blood tests which can be done for recurrent miscarriage too, I have just had those done. There is a thread about that at the top of this section, maybe it will have more info for you too.
    sorry for the hard road you are on, I know how tough it can be