: When did you request tests?

  • Following 1 miscarriage or loss

    6 40.00%
  • Following 2 miscarriages or losses

    7 46.67%
  • Following 3 or more miscarriages or losses

    2 13.33%

thread: When did you request tests?

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    Melinda Guest

    When did you request tests?

    Suffering a miscarriage or loss can be so physically and emotionally draining and we often ask ourselves "why did this happen?". We often go out searching for answers, either by searching the internet and finding forums such as BB for support, or by talking to our OB or GP about conducting tests.

    When did you request that testing be conducted, or when did your OB or GP recommend it to you?

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    May 2003
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    I had a late missed miscarriage (my baby died but stayed inside me, no bleeding or anything) and my OB was really supportive and offered chromosonal tests to be done on the baby and for me to have tests, so I took all the help I could get. This was mainly due to the fact that it had taken us 18 months to concieve that baby and I was already nearly 34. The tests came back all

    The pregnancy, despite having a D&C, then was thought to be a molar pregnancy so I had to go for additional blood tests, but luckily the molar cells stopped growing and my hormones returned to normal within 2 months.

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    TJ Guest

    On my first miscarriage I was told it was just "nature's way" and there wasn't anything that they could do for me. They suggested I wait until my next cycle and try again, after the 2nd miscarriage I was told that perhaps the stress and pressure of my wedding was too much and the viability of my pregnancy was affected. I asked for tests to no avail and I do have a very caring GP who is a young mum herself! I did ask for a referral to a gynaecologist though and I have my appointment on the 31st March so will see what she has to say. I'm grateful in the knowledge that if the worst case scenario happens again, they can finally look for (and hopefully find) some answers.

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    kirsty Guest

    Due to the circumstances surrounding the loss of Alex & the decision that we had to make, our OB atually offered to do chromosomal tests for us. This was in part due to the results of an u/s in which he thought that there may have been a chromosomal imbalance that may have caused our situation. However all test came back clear. So guess it really just was one of those things for us, hopefully not a thing to be repeated ~ fingers desperately crossed for this to be the case in another pregnancy.

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Nov 2003

    After the first m/c my GP told us how common it was, that chances were we'd go on to have a healthy pg the next time, and we'd need to have 3 m/c before any testing was done anyway. After the 2nd m/c my OBGYN started doing tests straight away, no prompting from us required. He said that the m/c had been quite unusual especially considering we'd seen a very healthy HB on 2 separate occasions beforehand and bubs had looked like she was growing well.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005

    After my 2nd m/c my GP did some basic blood tests, but more to put my mind at ease than anything but when I went in for the 3rd curette the obgyn that I saw got the ball rolling without any prompting. My GP was going to do tests anyway but the obgyn stepped in too which I was pleased with.

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    Oct 2005
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    After my first missed miscarriage I had a full range of bloods done. LOTS. Our baby was tested as is the norm and she was chromosomally perfect.
    This scenario was repeated after our second mid trimester loss - nothing.
    Again after our third. However, this time I did some really really serious investigating. I didn't swallow the "bad luck" spiel. I believed there was something wrong. I consulted with an obstetric immunologist, sought out 3 and 4 opinions.
    I have been labelled as having a condition that mimicks "antiphospholipid syndrome". Something that I feel really passionate about is that women remember that there are many conditions out there that have not yet got a name. Babies don't just die. There is a reason.

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