Hi everyone,

I'm new to this, so please forgive me if I get abreviations etc wrong.

In 2005, I had my son prematurely at 25 weeks because of chorioamnionitis. I'd been on bed rest and in & out of hospital because of bleeding since week 20. My ob/gyn told me - after my son was born - that the most likely cause was that my placenta had started to lift, and that this had set up the "perfect environment" for infection to set in - hence the chorioamnionitis & premature birth.

My little boy lived for 15 days. He had been doing really well, but got very sick on day 10 &tests showed he had ecoli meningitis. The was nothing that the doctors could do, and on day 15 he died in my arms.

Fast forward 3 years (of hell) - and as terrified as I am of history repeating itself, I am finally ready to try to have another baby. Problem is, I will be 38 in 2 days and time is not on my side!! And I have a few other factors against me as well. I am overweight, and it doesnt seem to matter how much I modify my diet or how much I exercise, I dont seem to be able to lose any weight. I am on metformin because I am insulin resistant & have a strong family history of type 2 diabetes. And for the trifecta - I have high blood pressure and am on medication for that as well.

My ob/gyn tested my progesterone levels late last year and it was low at only 5 (he said it needed to be 25 - 30). He started me on Clomid, 50mg from day 5-9, tested my progesterone again at day 21 and it had dropped - to 0.5!!!!! So he upped the dose to 100mg, but my most recent blood test shows my progesterone is still only 3.

So now he's recommending ivf.........but I dont know which doctor I should try for.Can anyone recommend a doctor at Westmead Fertility Centre who is highly skilled & is also compassionate, caring and listens to what his/her patients have to say?
Any advice you can give me would be great - and even better, if anyone has had similar problems as me & had success with ivf, it would be good to hear your story too.

ER Jordan