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thread: Trying to Conceive after Late Loss/Recurrent Miscarriage/Stillbirth ~ March 09

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    Trying to Conceive after Late Loss/Recurrent Miscarriage/Stillbirth ~ March 09

    If you have found yourself in this forum you no doubt have had a painful journey. TTC after recurrent miscarriage/stillbirth or Late Loss takes special courage and support. The aim of this forum is to provide a place where women who have endured loss can share their stories, friendships, treatments and triumphs!

    My greatest wish is that you all leave this forum with nice big fat positives in the shortest possible time!!!

    I hope so much that this month is YOUR month.

    If at any time you'd like to make a suggestion, or provide any constructive feedback for this forum, please contact one of your following moderators:

    Alternately you may contact Kelly (however she may take a little longer to respond at times!).

    Their email addresses can be found here.

    We appreciate all your feedback as it does help to make our forums a much happier, relaxed place to chat! We will always take your comments seriously - all comments are treated confidentially...

    You will find the previous post HERE.

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    Hello my lovely friends,

    New thread already?????!!! Wow, how the time just flies....

    Dee, I'm sorry AF finally arrived, was so hoping for a good outcome for you. You know I will cross my fingers and toes for you for your April transfer
    Your DH is sooo sweet. It's really nice to spend some good quality time together.

    Megan, may the next cycle be the one hun!!! Maybe you and Dee can be pg belly buddies soon and then me and Teagz will follow! LOL.

    Teagz, I don't know which would be harder, a friend telling you herself she is pg or hearing it through someone else. Either way, it's hard, although I have told myself from now on that I will feel happy for anyone close to me that gets pg next, as I hope they will be happy for me when my time comes.

    Diana, I hope you're not working too hard sweets! Always sending you and your little embie strong positive loving vibes

    Nae & Jas, you look after yourself girls and I hope your pg symptoms are not too bad.
    Hope your little ones are very sticky & healthy little bubies

    Hi to our pg mummas and lots of and for all of us TTC

    Love and hugs
    B xxxx

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    Thanks beata i wouldn't swap him for the world. it would be a dream come true if we all got our bfp in the next couple of months and i'm sure with all the prayers that are being said it will finally come true for us all.

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    Dee, I agree!! It would be sooooo awesome for all of us to get our long awaited BFP's soon!
    I'm always for us all TTC and I know we'll get there hun, we just have to have patience and determination, and we can't ever give up!!!! It will happen hun!!!!! Just you wait!!!!!!

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    Sep 2008
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    I was wondering when they were going to kick up a new thread... I think it got left a little longer than usual?

    Beata, Hopefully your little plan ther ehappens hehe! June isn't far away! We go on a holiday towards the end of May for 3 weeks up to Exmouth... (dunno if you know where that is?) which I realised last night will make time fly. Hopefully I'll be in good bonking order when we get back XDD We decided last night as well that we're going away for Jayvan's birth day to a place DF and I stayed at one chrissy when we had just gotten together. Can't wait, it should be nice and relaxing! (if not a little windy...) Anyway, I'm rambling... again
    As for my friend, i just didn't really like being singled out, iykwim. From what I gathered only me, her and her husband know about this little bub. I have gotten over my spat though, and am excited for her! She's going to have her hands full though because she already had a 10 month old!

    Dee, what is a gund teddy bear?? **googles madly** N'awww!! They're so cute!! How adorable, makes me want to snuggle up to one.. they look nice and squishy.

    Well I should go get ready for work... *sigh* I'm trying to wrack up some extra hours so I can have a few early knock offs. Fun fun!

    Love to you all xxx

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    Hi guys

    I'm here. Just busy with work but still trying to keep up with everyone I know. There are so many new names in here which is heartbreaking but I'm inspired by the recent BFPs and hope that it's contagious!

    Teagz, I love your avatar. Your little Javyan looks positively angelic :-) And may I wish you a rather belated 21st birthday. I hope your birthday gift will be an earth baby this year!

    Beata, thank you for remembering me and praying for me and encouraging me even when I'm not posting. You truly have a heart of gold and I so hope you conceive on your first try... in June, right?

    Megan, I hate AF! I know exactly how you felt when it arrived. It blows! Try to keep your chin up and remember what Beata (I think) said about our babies only coming when they're ready, so it's really out of our control.

    Says me who is trying very hard to practice what I preach. CD18 today and feeling not too positive about this cycle but have put in a good effort to date so if it's our time then I'll be sure to let you all know about it!


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    Lan, Glad you think Jayvan looks Angelic! I think he looks positively cheeky, just like DF and just how I imagined him to be. Fingers crossed for you this cycle, don't be negitive, it sounds like you've put in the effort to make it happen.

    Beata, on a total random subject I got a nice hunk of turquise today (Jayvans birth stone) and a peice of Jade to hopefully help with my crappy immune system. Fingers crossed!

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    Oct 2008


    Hi girls,

    Just a quick hello.

    I hope you're all doing well. Am praying for you all this month (to the fertility goddess upstairs)

    I am feeling pretty off in the mornings at the moment - only coming good in the afternoon really. But this is nothing compared to what I've had with my last two pregnancies - so I am thankful, but a little scared too. So if anyone knows something about morning sickness, can you tell me that as long as I am getting sick every morning, does that necessarily mean that the baby is still alive? As in, can I rest on that fact? I only just started getting morning sickness about four days ago. So that means I must be progressing yes???

    I know that sounds like a really negative and paranoid question but I am seriously beside myself with fear this time round. I think I was so fixated on getting pregnant again (naturally) that I didn't prepare myself for the most anxious nine months of my life!

    Deep breath - out of my control, just have to remind myself that time and time again!

    A very grateful but scared Joselyn xxx

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    Sep 2008
    Where the sun shines

    Jas, I am sure that M/S is a good sign iykwim, I can understand how anxious you are, as you said it is out of your hands, but we will pray that this little one grows nice and strong for the 9-mths. Thinking of you.

    Lan, good to hear from you. I really pray that this is your month, you are doing really well, keep hanging in there. I don't think any cycle feels good when you've had disappointing months, but it will happen and it will be a nice surprise for you.

    Teagz, its nice that you have a holiday to look forward to. I have been thinking that DH & I really need a break soon.

    Dee, I really hope that your April transfer is successful. really praying it is your month. I would be very pleased to be your pg buddy

    Diana, when do you next do a BT? I hope you are feeling well and your little one is sticking nicely.

    Beata, hope you are going well, when is your transfer happening at work?

    Jasmine's EDD is next Thursday, I have felt very down lately and close to tears at the drop of a hat. really hard to hear about people having babies around now, when I should be having mine. I am going to take the day off work and spend it with my best friend, which will be nice.

    Here's to some Christmas babies being conceived next month, Dee, Lan & Me. Anyone else?

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    Hi lovely girls,

    I'm sneaking a really quick post at work, he he (I know I shouldn't...)

    Jas, I'm sure m/s is a good sign when your pg like Megan siad. My friend had terrible m/s and her doctor said that was a good sign. I really don't know what to recommend for it hun, as I had it pretty good (lucky me!). I only got about 5 minutes of dry retching at exactly 8 am every morning for a few weeks, but then again my mum had absolutely no m/s at all so I figured I would be similar to her. Please try to relax hun and enjoy your little bub growing nice and strong every day

    Lan, it's always so good to hear from you hun! I always cross everything for you and Megan and Teagz to get your longed for BFP's so I'm sure they're just around the corner sweetie! Just be patient and know that you will get your wish just like the rest of us, always praying for that hun

    Megan, I pray it's your month hun as always, you never know!! Maybe that beautiful little eggie got attacked by an over excited sperm he he.
    Positive thinking is the key hun, I am more than convinced!!

    Teagz, a holiday sounds just lovely, and I do hope you're in good bonking order LOL! I bet you beat me to it, but hopefully I won't be too far behind you and we can still be belly buddies!

    Diana, I truly hope your u/s goes soothly and that your litle embie is a strong and healthy little mite!

    Nae, we had a mini earth quake yesterday at work at 4.30, and the whole building just shook! I though of you immediately, and how scary it is.....Hope you're going OK hun and everything is running on schedule like it should x

    Well I must get off now, feeling like a naughty school girl!!!

    Love to everyone

    B xxx

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    Sep 2008
    Bunbury, Western Australia

    Hey Girls, gosh it's so quiet in here lately...

    Berry, big I know exactly how you feel. Let it all out! If you need to cry, do it. And throw tantrums in here all you like!! DF and I are going away for Jayvan's birthday for a long weekend. Switching off mobiles and disapearing!

    Beata, I have full intetion of going to whole 3 months so my body is in perfect working order! I should have done this the first time they mentioned it, but i was just to stubborn. So, I doubt I'll be beating you!

    Jos, sounds like you have dinky-die morning sickness! I had all-the-time sickness with Jayvan XD HCG is nasty in the mornings apparently... I can't remember exactly how it all works, but it would be stronger or higher or something because that's why the always say to POAS with your monring pee! One of the girls will know the exact ins and outs of it I'm sure. I know it's hard, but try to enjoy the moment you're in (easy coming from me atm I know!) but you're right, it's out of your control now, just send bubs lots of love vibes!

    Not much news from me, I'm affraid. All my herbs have kicked in (finally!) and I'm feeling quite great. Sore throat is completely gone and my head feels all clear for a change. Still waiting for them to reach a little farther south though but i think they'r getting there! I'm pretty sure I didn't O this month as well? I didn't get my attack of CM anyway as usual...
    I've decided this morning I'm going to sneak into this wedding dress shop I drive past every morning and perhaps try a few on. Hehe, I'm so sad, I have butterflies even thinking about it.

    Oh! A friend of ours who is having twins found out yesterday they're both boys. N'aw!

    Sending some to everyone! And I'm stealing belly rubs from the preg mumma's for good luck. hehe

    Lots of Love xxxx

    ETA, Just finished trying on my first wedding dress *drools* If I didn't know any better (and it was actually the right size for me) I think I would have bought it right there and then. I think this whole wedding dress business is going to keep me very busy

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    Oct 2008

    Just checking in to see if Diana had any news for us yet on how her u/s went today... Hope the rest of you are keeping well x

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    hi everyone we got transferred back to taree this week. miranda has reached 1.4 kg so far. shes getting so big now
    she'll be in hospital for maybe another 3-4 weeks. untill she gets the sucking thing working good. im loving all the new baby stuff in the shops atm. i cant help myself i keep buying stuff.
    anyway better go gotta get some sleep gotta go up in 3 hrs for next feed.
    talk soon.
    love cindee ......xxxxxxooooooo

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    Hey Ladies,

    sorry been MIA - things not so great with my beanie baby. I had some staining on thurs night and spent all day yesterday being poked and prodded at my local gp and then at Latrob regional hospital.
    The verdict is the the DR is expecting me to start mc within the next week. I had a US and the SAC was approx 5w4d there was a teeny yolk sac within that we nearly missed but no foetal pole was detected, bloods revealed 8000 hcg which is consistant with the sac. US man said not to give up just yet it could be too early still so I am heading back to my GP on monday to organise another blood test and another US.

    Usually I have a gut instinct on these things but I come up with nothing. MS symptoms are still strong but I know these can fade quickly too.

    So if beanie baby flies the coup I will be starting the investigation side of things which is good I s'pose but in way I hope they find nothing wrong.

    I think if things go pear shaped and I start that human guinea pig journey I may just be away from all BB and all baby related things as I am finding this very difficult to deal with.

    Please send me all the sticky vibes you can muster and I am hoping for a happy outcome but have learned to not hold my breathe.

    Will let you know

    Nae x

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    Dec 2008
    Leongatha - South Gippsland, Victoria

    NaeNae - Hang in there bud, I will be for you for the week. But if it doesnt work out I have strong hopes that you will get there soon. Other people have had numerous MC's but got there in the end - you will too.
    I think that is an excellent idea to do some investigations as painful as it will be at least you may get some answers.
    But I really with all my heart hope that beanie sticks.
    Thinking of you honey xoxo

    All the best
    Much love me

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    Dec 2008
    Melbourne, VIC

    Nae sweetheart, I'm so sorry you're going through this uncertain time, but as always I am keeping everything crossed for you and your little beanie and I hope and pray everything is OK.
    Sending you all the sticky vibes in the world and keep praying for you hun

    for your little beanie baby.

    I pray to God all is well, don't lose hope yet hun .

    Love always
    Beata xxxxxxxxooooooooooo

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    moranbah qld


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