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Thread: Due date of twins

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    motherduck Guest

    Cool Due date of twins

    I went to the doctors last week as I live in a rural area we see a GP.My doctor was on leave for the month, So I saw another doctor, I wanted the resaults of my latest scan, every thing is going good. But he told me that if I go into labour any earlier than 38weeks I will and they have time they will send me throu to Perth. But if I get to 38weeks and dont go into labour that Iwill be induced as there is more risk to the bubs if let go untill 40weeks, So does this meen my due date is 24th November instead of the 8th of december. Can anyone let me know just unsure as I dont see me regular doctor again for a few weeks. I will be nice to see them whenever they come.


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    kirsty Guest


    I'm not 100% sure of any risks going to 40wks but my gf delivered twins 5wks ago at 39w2d & both babies are fine.

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    My Ob told me that they still go off the 40 week due date, but don't normally let you go over the 38 week mark, so I would use your date of 24th November as your EDD. Twins also have a high percentage of coming early, so they could arrive anytime

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    Default 38 weeks...

    Hi Motherduck,

    I have 4yr old twins and delivered them at 34 weeks - this was considered to be 4 wks prem as drs do generally go by the 38wk date for multiples. But remember, regardless of when your twins are delivered, birth weight plays a key role....the less they weigh, the longer they probably have to stay in hospital. My boys were discharged at 36wks b/c of good weight gain, which is still technically don't get too hung up about the dates, just enjoy your remaining weeks of being pregnant. REAAAAALLY enjoy it because its likely to be a once in a lifetime experience and remember the same about the birth! There is nothing in this world like giving birth to two babies! Good luck, I am so excited for you!


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    i believe that 36 weeks is considered full term for twins.
    They generally don't like you going past 38 weeks.

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    I was told 37 to 38weeks was date I would be delivering my twins - they were born earlier because I developed obstetric cholestasis.

    'Fullterm' is still 40weeks but because placentas can deteriorate and uterus is so overstretched -they don't usually let you go to 40wks and majority would come earlier than 40wks if left alone.

    MY Professor OB originally said for me to wait to 37wks 3 days (as it was to be 14th July) was better than 37wks (11th July) because babies better developed - and less problems likely.I thought it odd how 3 days could make a difference ?

    They still consider my boys premmies '4.5 wks early' although only 2wks earlier than when I was booked for c/s (breech).They were fine - but had feeding tubes.

    My EDD was 1st August - this was on all the paperwork.

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    I don't know any of the current statistics or preferences by OBs, but my Mum delivered my twin brothers (back in 1985!) at 40wks gestation. Of course she didn't know she was having twins, but they were perfect too.

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