thread: Early Symptoms of Twins

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    Early Symptoms of Twins

    Hi everyone

    Can anyone tell me the earliest symptoms they had that made them think they may be carrying twins (beside HCG levels). I have only just found out I'm pg but I feel very different to how I did last pg at this point. I am already sick in the mornings and feeling very very bloated. Last time I had no bloating and m/sness didn't kick in until week 9. It might just be my imagination but I feel so different. I've put it down to 2 possible things, I've either got twins or am carrying a child of the opposite sex to the last (or 3 - I'm loosing my mind!).

    Any info would be great.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005
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    With the twins, everything was more severe. Just brushing past my nipples made my eyes water, I didnt have any M/S with them, or bloating, but I guess they would be worse too! I know my fundus was way high really early, good luck, you'll have to see on an US too be sure!!!

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    Jun 2005

    similar thoughts to jorja

    I'm wondering the except same things. My 1st child, a girl, no morning sickness, not tired, no bloating, no burping. This time i've got it all and more! I've got morning sickness and night sickness, are really really tired, am huge already @ 8wks, and keep burping for no reason. I just really feel not right. I don't feel if there is anything wrong with the baby, but this pregnancy is very very different. maybe a boy or more than 1? i'm going to my doc on thurs and asking for an early scan. there are lots of twins on my side all concieved naturally and my husband is adopted so we don't know about his side. I'll let you know what the doc and my scan reveal. I'm glad i'm not the only one utterly CONFUSED!.
    Kind Regards

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    kjorgo1 Guest

    Hey Narelle,

    Yeah let me know how you go. I spoke to my OB yesterday because of my severe m/s (you can see my post in BB due Feb) and he asked if I had had a scan yet to make sure it was only 1 baby and not 2, so he thinks it could be 2 also!!! HOLY CRAP!! I don't know what I'd do if there were 2!! Will let you know when I go for my scan in a few week time (01/08/2005).