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    Hi girls

    Did anyone buy 1 of those twin feeding pillows and if so was it worth having baby shower in April and have been offered 1 as a joint gift as they are 100 dollars but dont know if they are useful or not.The 1 im talking about is sort of like a big bit of foam i guess with the tummy part that comes out so it sort of wraps around you(if that makes sense).Any tips id be grateful thanks.

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    I (DH) made one similar and found awkward to get babies on/off but now I find boomerang pillow works best.
    Goodluck - maybe try and see one in person before you get it.We were talking about them Friday night at our expectant parents night and another lady said some like them some don't.
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    Hi I hadn't heard of theses twin feeding pillows before. That would have probably helped me. I used the normal curved pillow for a while, but didn't really help as well. I always needed to have a second person to attach the secong baby, and the only one I had was my mother in law. I didn't enjoy showing my breast to her, and didn't enjoy breastfeeding in the end. So I decided that it was best to use formula in the end. I felt guilty at first, but I'm happy now, and the kids are doing well.

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    I used one in hospital, and found it useless, but the midwife said that the lady who used it before me thought it was great for her twins.

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    Yeah i have heard mixed reports now as well.I guess everyone is individual but just didnt want to blow $100.Who knows i might not even like or be able to breastfeed so it a hard call.I saw it being used on a video from AMBA at baby classes and it looked helpful but that just a couple of people.Thanks for the feedback i think this will be a last minute purchase and not an essential.

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    I've heard you can rent them at the AMBA which for twin moms is great since some mom's are unable to breastfeed and others are not able to breastfeed as long as they'd like. I think it about $15 a month. I got one at the baby expo for $45.00 and I thought it would be great to buy for that price even if I end up using it for bottle feeding.
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