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    Smile howdy


    Just thought i would introduce myself (i notice some user names i know already)

    My name is Sam and i have ID girls Isabelle and Lily (15w old) born 22/3/06 at 37.5w via ARM and Synto (isabelle 6.26pm, lily 6.41pm via vaginal delivery) after PTL at 31.5weighing 2.41 and 2.66kg

    No family history of twins, at 6.5w there was only one baby, at 11.5w at our NT scan (that my GP didn't want me to have) there were 2 - bit of a surprise to me (not my husband adrian as he told me we were having twins before we even went for the u/s). Now at 15w they weigh 6.7 and 6.8kg - fat little piggies!!

    Looking forward to reading everyone's stories and sharing info on raising more than one baby.

    here are my pretty pretty girls:

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    tiggy Guest


    Your girls are GORGEOUS!

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    thanks - i just added the links for their albums to my sig

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    welcome Sam - your daughters are gorgeous - lovely picture

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    Hiya Sam, I have ID twins girls, born vaginally at 33 weeks weighing 2110 and 2115, they are now 7 and a big girls ( tall and solid) they were 4 minutes apart,and had a bit of TTTF during delivery.they stayed in SCN for 3 weeks and BF til they were 14 months.

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    chriscoop Guest


    Your 2 girls are just so cute.

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    Twinsmum Guest


    Hey Sam - how are you going!!!
    Nice to see you here

    Chat soon

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