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thread: Introduce yourself!

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    Feb 2003
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    Introduce yourself!

    Hello mums and dads of multiples

    Please feel free to introduce yourself and your twins or more, maybe also describing the hardest part about being a parent to a multiple as well as the best part! Enjoy!

    Reply to this post with the below details to be added!

    Twin / Multiple Mum Summary

    Names & Ages:
    Notes: (e.g. bioamniotic etc)


    Name: Vanita (mumbundlezofjoy)
    Location: Melbourne
    Conceived: Identical Twin Girls
    Gestation: 33 Weeks
    Names & Ages: 6 years old (6 mins apart)
    Notes: Monochrionic, bioamniotic, vaginal birth


    Name: Justine (Juzzy7)
    Conceived: Fraternal Twin Girls
    Gestation: 32.2 Weeks
    Names & Ages: Haylee & Tianna, 3 years old (10 mins apart)
    Notes: 3 1/2hr labour, vaginal birth, no drugs


    Name: Odette
    Location: VIC
    Conceived: IVF but twins everywhere through both families as well
    Gestation: 31 weeks but DS stopped growing at 29 weeks
    Names & Ages: Ariel (DS) and Immogen (DD)
    Notes: (e.g. bioamniotic etc) Frateral b/g


    Name: Yvette
    Location: Melbourne
    Conceived: Identical Twin Girls
    Gestation: 38+2
    Names & Ages: Asha Frances & Lauren Rose, born 24th August 2005
    Notes: Monochorionic, diamniotic. Vaginal birth.


    Name: Tiffany (tiggy)
    Location: Ellalong, NSW
    Conceived: 1st and 2nd sets both conceived after ten cycles of clomid. Was 2 months into a six month break for both.
    Gestation: 35weeks for 1st set, currently pg with 2nd
    Names & Ages: Imogen & Madeline 9yrs & Bean & Sprout (in utero)
    Notes: Emergency caesarian birth, Both sets Fraternal


    Name: Jo
    Location: Vic
    Conceived: Via ICSI IVF
    Names & Ages:
    Notes: (e.g. bioamniotic etc) Fraternal


    Name: Clare
    Location: South Australia
    Conceived: Naturally with no history of twins on my side (DH's Grandma had four sets)
    Gestation: Currently preg
    Names & Ages:
    Notes: (e.g. bioamniotic etc) I am prety certain they are fraternal


    Name: Fiona (twinmumplus1 on BB)
    Location: Hobart, Tasmania
    Conceived: both sets naturally
    Gestation: 1st set lost one baby at 10 weeks, second set made it till 35 1/2 weeks
    Names & Ages: Gabi is 3, Caleb and Declan are almost 16 months
    Notes: (e.g. bioamniotic etc) Gabi was a fraternal twin, the boys were identical (monochromic .. classed as monoamniotic at the end .. they tore a small whole in the seperating membrane)


    Name: Tam
    Location: Beaconsfield, Vic
    Conceived: IVF
    Gestation: Currently 13w 2d
    Names & Ages: Not sure yet
    Notes: (e.g. bioamniotic etc) Fraternal


    Location: Melbourne
    Conceived: october 04
    Gestation: 31.4 weeks
    Names & Ages: Cate and Milla 91/2 weeks
    Notes: (e.g. bioamniotic etc) Fraternal but extremely alike
    Kelly xx

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005
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    Hi I am Vanita and I have 6 year old monochrionic, bioamniotic twins, they were born at 33 weeks gestation, vaginally. 6minutes between the two. I know there are a few of us multiple mums on here so g'day to all.

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    Nov 2003
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    Vanita- how good is this, your own forum. Won't be long and you will have heaps of friends here, I know there are loads of us who wish we had twins but *sigh* didn't happen for us, wouldn't want to happen now LOL

    Anyway hope some people get here soon, YVETTE! WHERE ARE YOU?

    She won't be long LOL

    Cheers michelle

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    Jun 2003

    My SIL should be along soon so thats another buddy for you guys


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    juzzy7 Guest

    Me, me. I'm here too.

    I'm Justine, mum to fraternal girls who have just turned 3, Haylee & Tianna. Born after 3 1/2hr labour, NO DRUGS & they're 10 minutes apart.

    I also have a son, Blake who is 6 in July.

    Hi Vanita.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2004

    I'm here too.
    I have b/g twins who are 2. Born 31 weeks- caesar.
    won't go into all the gore but they are great now


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    *Yvette* Guest

    Lol, yep Michelle, I'm here. Thanks for the hint Vanita.

    Ok, I'm Yvette, and I have 3 other kids, (see Angus' website below), and I'm 22 weeks pg with monochorionic diamniotic twins. (Vanita, where did you get bioamniotic? If I'm using the wrong word I want to know, lol. A lot of the websites I've read are American, but I can't find a dictionary entry for bioamniotic). Anyway, same as Vanita, one placenta, two amniotic sacs.

    I'm doing a website for the twins atm so I can waffle on in more detail without boring anybody. Spent 40 mins on it on Wed & lost it. #-o Doing it on Word first this time!

    Hoping for a vaginal birth and prepared to 'go' anybody who tries tell me I need an induction or C-section just coz it's twins, lol. Any links to info about twin birth gratefully received, especially monochorionic.

    No sign of TTTS yet, babies are only 3 days apart in size now & all is well.

    Hello Justine, Odette & Vanita. Now where's Tiff?

    Have been in touch with AMBA and will be joining soon. Will round up some more BB converts there I'm sure, lol.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Yvette, do they 'suggest' c/s because of them sharing the same placenta?

    I ask because my SIL has 2 sets of fraternal twins, both delivered vaginally. This was 15 and 8 years ago at Werribee Mercy.

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    *Yvette* Guest

    Nell if I could get one of the bastard doctors to talk to me I might find out, lol. That's what the registrar said to me 2 weeks ago, but I can't find any evidence anywhere to support it. The only thing I can find, is the possibility of TTTS happening just during the birth, but this need not preclude a vaginal birth. From what I've been able to piece together, if the placenta will allow blood flow between the twins, even if TTTS hasn't happened in the pg, the pressure of 2nd stage labour can cause it, or possibly more blood to the 2nd twin after the 1st cord is cut. Will keep you posted.

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    Feb 2005
    out and about

    Yvette as you know this happened with my twins (TTTS) during labour, but no one was concerned about it, it wasnt dangerous for them , just one of those things!!! I have heard that if they are monoamniotic, you have no choice but to have a csec due to the cords issue but with "our" twins they have a very fine sack separating them, so do not have this issue, so dont know WTF they are going on about!!
    PS read on kids notes bioam, but your prob right with diam

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    *Yvette* Guest

    Yes Vanita, your girls were fine weren't they, just a little early. BTW, how long was it before they got boob rather than ebm? Did they have trouble latching on at all being little? (And your boobies are so much bigger than mine too, lol, although I feel like Dolly Parton when my milk comes in). I'm thinking we may need to use ebm at first even if they're not early.

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    juzzy7 Guest


    We live in a small country town & it was decided early on that a c/s was the safest option. We were all happy with this decision.

    I was told that usually in a natural birth, after the 1st twin is born, the 2nd twin has all that room so turns breech & it usually results in a c/s. So you have the natural birth plus c/s to get over.

    I had my girls at 32.2weeks & was flown to Canberra Hospital where the Dr on duty decided I was having them naturally. :smt021 I lived in hope throughout my labour that an epi, spinal, drugs & c/s was just around the corner :-k

    Not so. Haylee was born head first & surprise, surprise, Tianna turned breech!!! I thought I was finally having my c/s but Tianna just slipped out. Sorry if TMI. She was easy to birth. :smt023

    HTH & any more ?, ask away.

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    *Yvette* Guest

    Thanks Jusitne, not TMI at all. Sorry, what's HTH?

    This is a funny story, the exact opposite of me, I'm terrified of intervention, lol. I've heard people say they're second one just slipped out easily despite the position they were in, and the hospital have told me they will reach in and grab the second one if necessary. They say it's quite painful & recommend epi for that, so I might agree to let them put it in with no drugs just in case. I would prefer that to c/s. I'm very unlikely to tear after 3 kids & no tear last time (& only little superficial ones with the 1st 2), so recovery would be much easier for me with vb. So did you have any pain relief? How long was the labour? Did you go spontaneously?

    I'd love to hear from anyone who has had the 'reach in and grab the 2nd twin' thing happen, so they can tell me is it really that bad, or if you've got that far without epi you can handle it. I hope my 2nd one just slips out too.

    Just noticed you had Blake at 33 weeks. I wonder if having twins the first time makes you more prone to going early in subsequent pg. :-k Vanita tends to go early too, (sorry to keep talking about you luvvy, I know you're here).

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    tiggy Guest

    Hi Girls,

    I'm Tiff. i have fraternal twin girlies Imogen and Madeline. They are turning 9 in June. Born by emergency caesarean at 35 weeks.

    I think I am the verteran in here!!!!

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    juzzy7 Guest


    HTH = Hope That Helps.

    My waters broke at 2.45am on 16 March 2002. Went to local hospital where I was given the steroid injection around 4am & the drug to stop labour. Flown to Canberra around 8am. Had a few niggly contractions during the flight but didn't tell anyone. Settled into the hospital & informed that they would give me the 2nd steroid injection at 4pm & would stop the labour drugs too. If I went into labour, they wouldn't stop it.

    I got my 2nd dose of the steroids & had contractions at 5.10pm, 6,10pm & 7.10pm. Started watching Junior when contractions started again. Had one at 8.40pm, 8.43, 8.51, 8.59. Went to the loo & had 2 in quick succession so decided to lay down. Internal done & I'm 3cm. Moved to the labour ward around 10pm & contractions are now 5-4mins apart. WHERE ARE THE DRUGS????? Another internal at 11pm & now 6cm. Finally given 1/2 dose of pethideine which made me sleepy & didn't help with the pain at all.

    Another internal around 11.40pm & now 10cm. Time to push. Haylee was born at 12.24am, Tianna was frank breech born at 12.34am. Labour was 3 1/2hrs. Not bad seeing as I didn't get to labour with Blake. I got severe p/e & had an emergency c/s.

    Blake was my first born too. Funny, I could never see myself with a term baby.

    Sorry it's long but gives you some idea.

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    *Yvette* Guest

    #-o Sorry Justine, didn't read the dates properly & thought your girls were first. Well that's really good that it was a vbac then, and such a short labour. I always time mine from the very first contraction and they've all been about 13 hrs, but from when it really starts to hurt it would be about 5-6.

    You've made me think of another question for the hospital now, how early do they decide to try stopping the labour or give steroids.

    Hi Tiff, good to see you here.

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    juzzy7 Guest


    I think anything under 34 weeks they'd try to stop the labour & definately give the steroids. JMO but pretty sure it's close to that.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005
    out and about

    I was 33 weeks and I didnt get steroids or the labour stopped, I was about 3 hrs from full blown labour till birth, the girls were 6 mins apart, and yes the 2nd one fell out!!! Ummm as I say the door was open.......

    Yvette they were on EBM for nearly 3 weeks. Some of the bubs are fed by naso gastric tubes, some by gavage. Nasogastric is a tube down their throat that stays in all the time ( via their nose) Gavage is a tube put down their throats each time they need a feed, the girls were gavage fed.

    Make sure you look around the SCN where you want to go, as it is very rare that they dont need to be in there for at least a little while.

    I was fully EBM feeding them from day 2, but they had formula+ EBM until then, as they wont let premmies wait til your milk comes in. They had no sucking reflex at all, and would only lap at the boob like kittens, by the way they cried like kittens too!!!!We needed a monitor turned up full volume to hear them overnight, ( unlike Rianna)

    Its Ok to talk about me, you know Im hanging around!!! I dont think you would need to use EBM if they arent early, but the chancwes of that are fairly slim, they actually say 37 weeks is basically full term with multiples. The sucking reflex kicks in around 35 weeks.

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