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    Mar 2005
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    Lots of twins

    Ok.. I know twins are not super common.. but lately.. every week a pair of twins are in the "just born" section of the newspaper.. so Bunbury is having this major twin boom.. and all these twins are born in Bunbury hosps (I check the descriptions).. so its not including Bun couples who are having there babies in Perth (our hosps are not equiped for babies pre 35 weeks gestation) and im sure there are gonna be lots of twins born b4 then too!...

    so yea.. ive never seen so many twins being born at once!

    I live next door to 15yrold identical twin boys.. cept one has dreadlocks now.. so very easy to tell apart (took me awhile before that).. once yah can tell the difference, its just so obvious though.. (and im not super dense either.. theyre very similar lol).. anyway.. hope im not intruding.


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    Oct 2004

    I havent heard of heaps of twins being born in my area, but i havent been here long and i dont look at the "just born" section in the paper.
    One year at school there were 2 sets of twins in the same grade, which probably doesnt sound like alot, but when there were only 18 kids in total in the grade its kinda a high proportion. There was also this family at my school who had a set of triplets and 2 sets of twins, but no single births.

    Is it true that "older" women are more likely to have twins? Or is it more a genetic thing - if you are a twin youre more likely to have twins?

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    Its true that the older the woman, the higher chance for a multiple birth, this "twin boom" is all over the statistics, as woman are waiting til older to have children, therefore more twins!!! This is because as you get older, in preparation for menopause, the body starts to ovulate 2, or 3 eggs, to get rid of them all.

    Genetically, only fraternal twins are hereditory, as they are two eggs, identicals are a "freak of nature" and despite all the research done into them, they are unable to find a cause!
    Twins HAVE to be on the womans side to be hereditory, as a man cannot make his woman ovulate twice ( no matter how he tries!!!)

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    Nov 2004

    you are right
    there seem to be more twins around. yes there is a bit of a baby boom on at the moment- apparently the think that it happens when a war, or a natural disaster happens. lolo\ I know as I have had trouble getting my kids enrolled in 3yold kinder for next year.

    Our multiple birth area for some reason is the largest in Vic. Dunno why, but it is. We have nearly 150 familes in our area that are members.

    talking of lots of twins. my hubby's family is soo full of twins that it is weird when someone has just one.
    We have a set, my SIL has two sets, my MIL had one set, her brother one set, their cousin one set, their grandma two sets, and now second cousins are starting to have twins as well.
    My SIL who is a twin was told she had a 70% chance of having a multiple birth first time, and after her first set a 90% chance again - she did.

    On my side my grandma had twins.
    We keep joking with our other SIL that she is gonna have triplets, just to be different.

    take care

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    Mar 2005
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    Just to add to this..

    Yesterdays newspaper showed that 2 sets of twins were born here in the last week... both boy/girl combos.

    Maybe theres something in the water here... hmm..


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    Melinda Guest

    Just to add to this thread, I can now think of at least 4 BB members who are expecting twins!!!


    GO GIRLS!!! (and bubbas!)

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    Twin Boom

    Yes I must agree there have been many twins born in this area too! We have a great Mulitple birth group here in Kalgoorlie and we have at least 6 more sets to join in the coming months!
    (I am not sure if it something in the Education dept water?? Lots of pregnant twin mums to be that are school teachers?? )

    Technology and the access to IVF have also enabled the numbers to rise

    I am a natural conceiver and have B/G also - Hayden and Brooklen

    ** Looks like you shouldnt drink the Bunbury water LOL**

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    You can add JoJa to the list too Mel