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    Just wondering if any of you ladies go to your local Multipule Birth association meeting ,and do you think they are informative.
    I went yesterday and found a couple of the girls with older twins were saying that the first few months were not to bad but thier twins are about 9-10 months old and find they are all time consuming It's just a bit daunting hearing all the bad things.
    The group I go to, when I can are realy nice but a lot of the time talking about the children and thier sibings.
    I got Jack & Jessie wieghed while I was there and Jack is now 6250grams and Jessie is 5950grams.

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    chriscoop Guest


    Hi Jean,

    To me, I don't think they were very informative. We sometimes give advise to each other. But usually, it's just a way to meet other people who are the same as me. Last time I went, we were only three mums and one dad. I don't mind going because it gets me out of the house and Sarah & Samuel can play with other babies.

    Your babies are putting weight on. That's good. I never saw any scale at my MBA meetings.

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