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    Hello Ladies,
    Went to the doctors yesterday and got to hear the heart beats for the first time everything is ok and they are both growing nicely Twin B is a BOY but still don't know what Twin A is, The lady that did the scan said we may have to wait untill delivery day to find out if it dosn't turn untill the last few days. The main thing is she said they are slightly above average size for gestation so thats good as long as they keep growing nice and strong.

    The doctor said he is happy to deliver them here and not send me to Perth if we make it to 35weeks without problems I didn't have any problems with my last two pregs so it's all good, He also gave me my paper work to book into the hospital so I'm going to ring this morning for an appointment how exciting can't wait.

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    congrats motherduck on the lil boy you wanted and twin 1 will be a surprise like my twin b will be till the day of the birth.... nice to hear everything went to so well other wise and u dont have to go to perth and everything stays great its all fun when u get the all clear to book in to hospital makes it all feel that more real. good luck with everything else...

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    motherduck Guest


    Thanks Kylie just rang the hospital and am booking in on the 26th, And my next scan is on the 4TH oct how are things with your PG all going well?

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    Twinsmum Guest


    Jean that is so exciting!!!
    Twin B must be a girl!! Determined and strong willed *LOL* Not wanting to show you until the delivery day.
    I am so glad that all is going well for you both!
    Above average gestational weight is a huge relief also so thats great! Keep up the great cooking girls....

    Can I suggest that you pop over the the Aust Multiple Birth site and have a look around, I am sure you will find some very useful Multiple Birth information there too!!

    Will see you over there

    Take care and REST!

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    Congratulations on the good news.

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    congratulations Motherduck -hope you little ducklings stay swimming safe inside until after 35 weeks

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    congratulations motherduck - can't wait to hear all about the births of your little boy and the mystery one! How exciting! Enjoy the last couple of months of pregnancy - brings back such good memories for me! Two babies, two blessed we are! Take care of yourself....

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