thread: naturally or fertility drugs

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    wow - you are almost 28wks - fantastic - why bed rest ? I hope you are feeling okay

    I am 17 weeks today 2 weeks to my scan.

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    chriscoop Guest

    I was having some pain in my pelvic last week, and sometimes I can feel that one of the twins is kicking very low in my uterus. It feels bizar. I also didn't put on a lot of weight and that worries me.

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    Gee Chris I hope that things are ok now. Take it easy and look after those little bubbas.

    My baby boy and baby girl were concieved naturally. I am 24 weeks 2 days and very very excited!!!!

    Love Kel

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    I have boy / girl twins who where conceived naturally 4 days before my 21st birthday.

    I was told I have a really high chance of concieving twins again, about 1 in 8 and the chance will increase the older I get and the more pregnancies I have. Has anyone else heard this and does anyone know how they came up with 1 in 8? The only thing I can think of is that you must have 10 times the chance if you have twins and since the chance for the general population is 1 in 80, it brings it down to 1 in 8.

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    Hello Everyone,
    I'm an identical twin with fraternal twin boys aged 2 & 7mths, (conceived naturally) & I just found out I'm pregnant again (5 weeks). I'm kind of hoping I'm not having twins again because it is hard work, but apparently my chances are quite high due to having fraternal twins which means I have released 2 eggs, & also because I'm an 'older mum'.


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    twins galore!!

    Hello, just wanted to add a bit.. I am a fraternal twin and i am also 35, we are going to be gettig pregnant through known donor who's mum is also a twin. lol what is the likelihood of us having twins!!! ill let ya know when we find out, but apparently it is very likely! who knows what the universe will grant you.

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    Hi D&M..I think you may have a high chance of concieving twins...I have fraternal twin girls concieved naturaly,no fertility drugs etc..and I was 28 when they were concieved..

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    IVF/FET 2 round

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    Hi Shell,
    My twins were natural Fraternal we were going for number 4 and we ended up with 4 and 5. I am 36 years.

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    My Boys are Fraternal and IVF we had 2 FET. Our singleton was conceived naturally to our suprise.

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    Hi there!

    We weren't gonna have anymore after 5 (Me 35 & DH 41) so DH had the snip...6mths down the track found
    out pregnant with ID twins, to our greatest shock...conceived naturally.
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    We conceived naturally fraternal twins, but I also miscarried twins a few months before falling preg with Gabe and Tallulah. A lady in the SCU when I was in there also had fraternal twins. Hers were a mix of IVF and natural, they had one implant so thought they were having ID but turned out they had also conceived naturally aswell as they were boy/girl twins, just blessed.