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    Hi everyone,

    I have just come across this site and it looks great. My name is Jane and I am 28 weeks with fraternal twin girls (due 2/4/05). I live in Brisbane and have a 2yr old DD.

    It was a huge shock when we found out at a 10 week scan (due to slight bleeding) that I was having twins. It was probably a good thing that I was lying down at the time. We don't have twins on either side of our families.

    So far it has been a trouble free pregnancy. I didn't really suffer from morning sickness but I was so tired for the first trimester. My stomach is huge - I am about the same size now as I was when I had DD. Not sure how it's going to stretch any further??

    As for the birth, I'm still undecided as to whether to try for a natural birth or elect for a C/S. At this stage I will probably opt for a natural birth and if for any reason I have to have a C/S well I'm fine with that - what ever is best for the babies.

    I'm going to start packing my hospital bag next week just in case they decide to come early. I'm starting to get really excited now, but still have my days when I wonder how I'm going to cope with 2 newborns and a 2yr old that just doesn't stop.

    Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you all.


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    Wow Jane, how exciting!!! You will find a wealth of information on BB.

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    Welcome to bellybelly and congatz on expecting twins!

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    Welcome Jane! I'm sitting here typing with a twin squirming in my lap, lol. Yep, it's amazing how big your belly can get, you won't believe it.

    I understand how you're feeling about having a toddler to cope with as well as twins, it's pretty full on.

    Look forward to chatting to you & seeing how it all goes for you.

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    Hi Jane,

    Congrats on your twins. They are not far away now!
    Take care and take it easy.

    Love Kel

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